Luostarinmäki throughout the year


For the Christmas season traditional Finnish old-style Christmas tables are set in the museum’s homes. The authentic food with its smells and the intimate candlelit rooms will give you an unforgettable experience.

Christmas mumming on Boxing Day is an important part of the holiday celebrations in Luostarinmäki. Traditionally a group of young men sing the Boxing Day carol while walking from house to house begging for beer and wishing good fortune for the families.


For years now the OvoDecor association has visited Luostarinmäki on Easter to present traditional Easter egg decorating styles from Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Czech and Bulgaria.

The egg is a widely known symbol of life and believed to hold magical powers. It has been used to bring good luck as well as to keep danger at bay. Eggs used to be popular gifts for various occasions in life. People would give eggs when a child was born, when someone was dying or simply as a token of love. The decorating style would vary according to the age of the egg’s recipient.

In Luostarinmäki you can participate in the Easter egg roll competition which has proven itself very popular among children.


In the summertime the museum’s workshops are buzzing with activity. The craftsmen are making their products for the museum and for sale.

One of the most popular workshops among visitors is the printing house, where you can order hand printed invitations. You can also explore the workshops of the shoemaker, the potter, the upholsterer and the decorative painter. The museum also organizes various theme days and activities for children throughout the summer.

The highlight of every summer in Luostarinmäki since 1943 has been the Handicrafts Days in August. This event assembles craftsmen of dozens of different trades to the museum.