Workshops and craftsmen

When the houses in Luostarinmäki were being furnished as workshops for the museum, many craftsmen came to help. They donated equipment and sometimes even whole workshops. The museum’s workshops are in full function today, and every summer craftsmen of different trades come to work in them.

The Guild of the Golden Apple (Kultaisen Omenan Kilta) is a crucial support system for the museum, and it was indeed founded to act as a link between the craftsmen and the museum. The Guild gets its name from the tourism award presented to the museum in 1984.

The Guild represents a variety of trades, including skills that are nowadays rare or almost forgotten. Members of the Guild gather in Luostarinmäki every August for the traditional Handicrafts Days to work in their workshops.

Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum from Turun museokeskus on Vimeo.