Map service interfaces

The addresses of interface services maintained by the Public Utility Property Management Board will become SSL secured (https) from 1 February 2017 onwards. It is advisable to update the addresses in apps where interface services are used.

The WMS service (Web Map Service) is intended for searching map data in raster form.

The data is provided in the service as raster images that can be used as background maps, for instance. The service uses prerastered data that is rastered and brought as so called themes outside the firewall such as in the Turku region guide map service.

The data can be shared with the guide map service or created solely for the WMS service.

Queries can be made for the data available in the service by using service-supporting customer programmes (e.g. Gaia, AutoCAD Map 3D, MapInfo, ArcGIS, QGIS).

The customer programme sends the Web server a GetCapabilities or GetMap request that the Web server sends to the RasterServer server programme. RasterServer finds the data matching the query from rastered files, executes a coordinate conversion if necessary and sends it back to the customer programme. Using the service does not require logging in (user ID).

The WMS service provides the following data:

  • guide map, in colour as well as in black and white
  • aerial photographs
  • topographical map
  • city plan map
  • master plan
  • landownership map
  • bus routes
  • cycling paths
  • city districts

The address of the WMS service:

The WFS service (Web Feature Service) is used for searching KuntaGML GI data in vector form.

The data is provided in the service as individual GI objects in vector form.

Requests on the data available can be made by programmes supporting the service, such as

The customer programme sends to the web server a GetCapabilities, DescribeFeatureType or GetFeature request and the web server finds the matching data from a cache memory database. The data matching the query will be sent back to the customer programme through a web server. Using the service does not require logging in (username).

The WFS service has the following data:

  • terrain map
  • city plan map
  • guide map
  • addresses

Address of the WFS service:

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