Arriving and accessibility

Monitori Market Square is located on the edge of the Turku Market Square in KOP-kolmio’s premises at Aurakatu 8, 20100 TURKU. Most Turku Region Traffic buses stop in or near our area. Parking is limited in the city centre and you should be prepared for parking fees. There are two separate entrances to the corridor connecting the different business premises of KOP-kolmio, both of which are accessible. Monitori Market Square is located along the corridor.

Monitori Market Square has queue number machines in use. The queue number machine for City services is located near the main entrance.

If you arrive without an appointment, select the service you need on the screen of the queue number machine. If you arrive by appointment, log in to the machine and follow the instructions on the screen. If necessary, our customer advisers will assist you in using the queue number machine.

You do not need a queue number for the customer computer terminal or information desk.

Monitori offers free digital advice, and there are 20 customer terminals that customers can use independently.

The queue number machine for Kela services is located on the lower level of the premises.


The customer service premises of Monitori Market Square are accessible and have unobstructed access from the street level through the corridors of KOP-kolmio.

The premises of Monitori Market Square are divided into two levels: the front of the premises is accessed through the main door, and there is a ramp and 2-step stairs leading to the lower level.

There are two customer toilets at Monitori, one of which is an accessible toilet. The toilet door will be opened on request.

There is an accessible customer terminal at Monitori, with accessibility taken into account in terms of placement, furniture and equipment.

The information desk and service point desk have a section suitable for wheelchair users.

All service counters have an induction loop. In addition to this, there are induction loops in the conference rooms and two customer meeting rooms, and a portable induction loop is also available. Any emergency announcements are transmitted via an induction loop that covers the entire premises. 

The nearest parking space for people with reduced mobility is located in the Market Hall parking area at Eerikinkatu 16.

Pick-up and drop-off traffic is allowed based on the Road Traffic Act in places where parking is prohibited, but stopping is not. There are areas like these on Eerikinkatu in front of Monitori Market Square and on Kauppahallinkuja.

Monitori Market Square has the Toilet Card in use.






Visiting address: 

Aurakatu 8 | KOP-kolmio
20100 Turku


+358 2 262 0100

Opening hours

Mon - Thu 09:00 - 18:00
Fri 09:00 - 16:00

Special opening hours

Service on Saturdays only by chat and by phone from 1 October
Sat - Sat 10:00 - 15:00

Exceptional opening hours

09:00 - 16:00
09:00 - 16:00
24.12.2022 - 26.12.2022
09:00 - 16:00