Location Linnanniemi

The Linnanniemi area, located on the furthest tip of the Turku peninsula, will experience major changes over the next decades. The ten competition proposals that were successful in the Linnanniemi idea competition have been used in the planning of the area.

The winning proposition of the Linnanniemi idea competition, which took place in 2020, was the proposal entitled Kolme palaa (‘Three pieces’) by the Lithuanian-Finnish group After Party. In the proposal, the museum building is placed in the current terminal area, right by the water. 

First comes the museum

The area will be built in stages, and the first new building will be the new Museum of History and the Future. In the future, residential buildings and various business and operational facilities will also be placed in the area. The aim is to start planning the museum in 2021 and bring it to decision-making during 2023.

The new museum's planned location near the port, the castle and the sea. 

The conceptional cornerstones of the museum building

  • Convertibility and flexibility in everyday use and in the long term. 
  • Accessibility.
  • Sustainable solutions and carbon neutrality.
  • Transport routes link the museum to its surroundings. Different outdoor spaces that support event activities seamlessly tie the museum into the city landscape.
  • The location provides a functional connection to Turku Castle and, as possible, to the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre.
  • The construction scope is estimated to be approximately 7000 m² of gross area.