Translations of all the text messages that sends you after you have registered in 15 language.

All Turku residents over the age of 18 and those living in Turku can submit their contact details to website for a vaccination appointment. After that you will be sent vaccination appointments by text message when your age group is getting vaccinated starting from the oldest age group.  

This site has translations to the text messages which are sent by the Leila robot after you have registered at the site. Leila sends you three messages:

  1. When you register: "Registration confirmed, Hi  XXX! Your registration for Turku COVID-19 vaccination is confirmed. Appointments take place in May-August 2021 and are assigned automaticcally starting from the oldest age group. you will get your invite as an SMS once your appointment is scheduled. More info :"
  2. When they send you the appointment time:" You have been given an automatic appointment time for your first COVID-19 vaccination on the xx.xx.2021 at xx.xx, Your vaccination booth is number x at the Turku Fair Center, Messukentänkatu 9-13. Föli bus line 100. You can delete or cancel your time at  or by calling the COVID-19 vaccination helpline (tel. 02 266 0159). Cancel your time if you don't intend to use it. Remember to wear a mask, don't arrive if you are sick. More information:"
  3. A reminder the day before: "You have an appointment xx.xx.2021 xx:xx  at Messukeskus , Turku. In case you have respiratory symptoms or you are in quarantine, delete your time by phoning the COVID-19 vaccination helpline (tel. 02 266 0159).  Remember to wear a mask!"

If you have already received a vaccination appointment through your occupational health care services, remember to delete your registration on the vaccination queue at Then you will also recive a message: "COVID-19 vaccine registration removed. Hi XXX! Your COVID-19 vaccination registration has been cancelled. You can re-register at"

The text messages are sent in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English.

Choose your language to see the translations. Some languages also have infocards about the COVID-19 vaccinations.

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Text messages sent by site


Mesazhet e dërguara nga portali 


                                                                                                                                               شارك بأخذ اللقاح  

                                                                        الرسائل المُرسلة من بوابة  أنا أتلقّى اللقاح-

Bosnian - slanje poruka preko portala 


پیغام‌های فرستاده شده از طریق پورتال-


Estonian -portaalist saadetud sõnumid


Messages SMS envoyés par le portail


Τα μηνύματα SMS από την πύλη


                                                                                                                                                  پێکوتە وەرگرە

                                                            ئەو نامانەی کە لە پۆرتاڵی ئینتەرنێتی یەوە دەنێردرێن   


Portalo siunčiamos žinutės


واکسن بزن

پیغام‌های ارسالی از طریق پورتال-


wiadomości wysyłane przez portal 


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