The Incomes Register is a new national electronic database. It contains information on the salaries, wages, pensions and benefits of each individual income earner. The information providers, for example, the employers or the benefit providers, report data about the revenues to the Register in real time.

 As a municipality, the City of Turku obtains data from the Incomes Register in cases where the city has the statutory right to obtain the data, and such data which is relevant for a certain purpose.The City of Turku began to use the payment data concerning the salaries and the wages from the beginning of the year 2020. We will get data about the pensions and the benefits from the Incomes Register from the beginning of next year.

To Which Purpose Do We Use the Incomes Register?

If our client applies for a decision from the City of Turku, for example,

  • for a client fee of the early childhood education or concerning the value of the service voucher
  • discretionary or preventive social assistance or
  •  social loan 

You don’t need to provide information about all the revenues in the application. We will obtain part of the data directly from the Incomes Register.

It will get easier for many of our clients to do applications and to get decisions concerning payments. We will continue to ask for data about the employment relationship and the earnings which cannot be obtained from the Incomes Register. In those cases, the employer has not reported the information to the Incomes Register, nor there is enough information available to process the application. The data concerning the salaries and the wages has been saved since 2019 in the Incomes Register.

The employers have the possibility to report incomes to the Incomes Register either in a limited way, when the salary is reported only as a complete amount, or in a detailed way when it is reported and divided in separate units. The data, which is reported voluntarily, concerns the salary periods, for example. In cases where the employer has declared all the salary data to the Incomes Register, we will get all the necessary information directly from the Incomes Register and won’t need any specific information about the salaries, the wages nor the employment relation for processing the matter.

Which Information Won’t be Received by the City from the Incomes Register?

We won’t get yet all the necessary data from the Incomes Register for processing the applications. That is why it’s important that the applicant provides all the information which we have asked for.

The Incomes Register won’t provide the following information: 

  • capital income
  • maintenance allowance nor maintenance support
  • pensions
  • the benefits given by Kela nor the living allowances paid by Kela nor the supplementary or preventive living allowances paid by the municipalities
  • self-employed person’s earnings if the self-employed person has been insured for his or her earnings according to the Self-Employed Person’s Pensions Act or according to the Farmers Pensions Act
  • traveling expenses and accommodation costs paid by the employer on a basis of a voucher
  •  grants for sciences and arts.


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