Key points

  • A smart district is developed in Skanssi.
  • Park area planning in Skanssi is currently underway.
  • The construction work of the area begins from north, near Itäkaari and the shopping centre.
  • Building new quarters in Skanssi begins in 2017. The construction of the Skanssi district will be completed by 2030.

By the year 2030, approximately 8 000 inhabitants will move into the new area of Skanssi where a green environment meets new technical solutions. The two-way district heating network that will be used in the area is likely to be the first of its kind in the world. The new model can later be taken into use also in other areas or as a solution for residential areas that require extensive renovation.

One of the objectives for the Skanssi area project is to enhance communication between future residents, city representatives and developers. The needs of future residents, developers, local landlords and other stakeholders are mapped using polls and reports. Universities in the area have participated in land use planning and energy planning alike.

The surface area of Skanssi is 85 hectares and the ground varies from gravel ridges to forested hills and fields. Currently, the area has outdoor activity routes, buildings and the Skanssi shopping centre.

Skanssi is located approximately 4 kilometres away from the centre. Image: Cederqvist & Jäntti Architects

The key objective for planning is eco-friendliness

The objective for planning the area is to find solutions that efficiently reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional construction.

  • Eco-friendliness is taken into consideration in the planning, construction and use of buildings in the area
  • In terms of transport, public transport, cycling and walking play a key role in the area.
  • The use of renewable sources of energy is supported.
  • The residential area is diverse in terms of services, functions and construction as well as ownership forms.
  • The handling of urban run-off water is developed in a way that it enriches the recreation and nature values of the area.
  • All planning solutions will be made in a cost-effective manner, taking into consideration the life cycle costs of solutions.

Skanssi is something completely new

The new district of Skanssi is an ideal area for anyone who appreciates ecological living, smooth mobility and abundant services.