The individual and the community

Skanssi sparring group gathered around several different themes


The objective of the Skanssi area is to create a diverse environment that meets prerequisites for communal and environmentally conscious solutions. A separate report has been made regarding opportunities for introducing cars intended for shared use. In addition, opportunities for taking home offices, house saunas, rentable studios and allotment gardens into use are under investigation. The park area enables many kinds of activities regardless of age.

Different forms of living in the Skanssi area offer suitable solutions for families of different sizes and residents of different ages. The area provides different levels of privacy: from squares forming around transport routes and bus stops to half-public quarter yards and from parks to private gardens.

The outlook near the main street of Skanssi is urban. When approaching the sides of the area, it turns gradually more nature-like. Routes for walkers and cyclists have been integrated as part of the transport network of the entire area. Sustainable transport solutions are created by bringing public transport and services inside the area. Green spaces function as infiltration areas for urban runoff water and provide a living environment for different wild species.

Planning together, in a participatory manner

The planning of the Skanssi area has been carried out in collaboration with different parties right from the start. Even though the area is only just beginning to be built, a sparring group has been involved in the planning process, commenting on the plans and bringing forward their ideas to support the planning. Also many resident and discussion events have brought along fruitful conversations about future housing needs and wishes. They have also revealed the ever increasing wishes to take the environment into consideration.

The project is actively brought forward in workshops intended for experts and residents in the municipality and by taking part in events at the Skanssi shopping centre, for instance.

The residential area of Skanssi is also developed as part of the Six City strategy (6Aika) spearhead project with open innovation platforms 2015-2018.

Key points

  • Individuality and communality
  • Sustainable housing solutions and better services
  • A lively, safe and healthy living environment that lasts throughout the lifespan