Market Square for Everybody

A City Centre That is More Vivid and Cosier Than Before

Have a cup of coffee in the market square. Enjoy free concerts and presentations. Discover pop-up-shops. Take pleasure in skating in a rink. Visit Christmas village in winter. Enjoy your free time in terrace cafes. Watch kids having fun in the playground. Park the car conveniently underground. This is what the new Turku Market Square is made of – and a lot more!

The purpose of the renovation of the Turku Market Square is to enliven the city centre, to improve comfort, to increase trade in the area, and to create completely new opportunities for using public spaces. When the construction work of the Market Square will be finished, Turku will have Finland’s greatest city centre for walking, cycling and leisure.

A New and a Wonderful City Centre

The Turku Market Square will be made a surrounding for gathering and connecting people of all ages. There will be benches, trees, sitting steps, event platforms, works of art, playgrounds, a skating rink, kiosks and canopies. There will be new buildings constructed in the Turku Market Square, and they will include pop-up shops and showrooms. Various gathering places, interiors and structures will attract children, teenagers and seniors.

Various happenings will be organized in the fields of culture, science and arts at the Turku Market Square. In summer, presentations and free concerts will be organized while in autumn, the Market Square can be transformed into a large public space artwork with a variable lightning. In winter, people can skate at the skating rink on the Market Square, and in December, they can get Christmas spirit in the ambient Christmas village.

Easy to Come and Nice to Stay

The Turku Market Square will be constructed to correspond to the modern needs while respecting the architectural and cultural traditions. The paving blocks of the old market square will be set back again in a way to make the surface easier to walk than before for the elderly, for example. In winter, the ice will be melted in order to make the market square nice to walk on also in slippery conditions.

The sales points of the public market will be reorganized along the major walking routes, and there will be more seats with backrests and handles available. In addition, a tactile tile network will be installed for guiding the visually impaired at the Market Square and in the bus stops.

Architectural Concept Images of the New Turku Market Square