Market Square in 2021

How Would the Turku Market Square Look Like in Year 2021?

The renovation of the Market Square will enliven the city centre of Turku, improve comfort, increase trade in the area and create completely new opportunities for using public spaces.

Renovating the Market Square is not only a separate project. It forms part of the development project of the whole city centre of Turku. By developing the city centre, we improve the attractiveness of the City of Turku throughout the year, we assure the accessibility of the city centre, and ensure the fluency of the traffic. The plan also includes advancing the opportunities of the city centre to be an active venue for events and services for everybody.

The renovation will bring new sales facilities to the public market, an events stage, and a space for a comfortable urban living room. In addition, splendid pavilions will be built on the New Turku Market Square. There will be for example cafés, pop-up shops, and expositions in the pavilions.

There will be parking lots for about 600 cars, six gateways to the adjoining commercial business blocks, and elevators to the pavilion buildings in the two-storey garage that will be built under the New Turku Market Square. When the cars will be led to the underground parking, people will get safe and continuous bicycle roads. After the renovation of the Market Square, City of Turku will have Finland’s greatest city centre for walking, cycling and leisure.