The City of Turku and Visit Turku are working hard to promote and market the Finnish Archipelago as a brand and as a continuous tourist area. The Finnish Archipelago comprises the area from Hanko through Åland to Pori. In addition to the coastal area the Finnish Archipelago Sea and the Sea of Bothnia national parks are also included.

Also supporting the promotion and marketing of the Finnish Archipelago brand for one’s part is the national Visit Finland. A Visit Finland summer campaign was launched in Germany in March to market the Archipelago. In addition to other coverage, business is promoted by directing online traffic directly to German language versions of the websites of and other partners.

The tourism project initiated by Minister of Economic Affairs Jan Vapaavuori primarily aims to increase Finland’s tourism appeal, to support the competitiveness and growth of the tourist industry, and to increase the appreciation of travel. The Ministry is also committed to developing tourism together with agents of the field.  One of the top priority subjects to develop is the Finnish Archipelago.

Tourism is important for the competitiveness of the entire region

In order to increase the vitality of Turku and the entire region, tourism now needs strong visions and goals.

”Turku needs more engines of tourism networking which are strong in their own business and are able to gather supporting services and companies around them” says Pekka Sundman, Director of the City Development Group. “Tourism, as an element of the Turku City Strategy, is important relative to the competitiveness of the city and the entire region. Based on the strategy Turku is being developed as a notable city of tourism, congresses and events by, for example, improving accessibility and digital services. The Finnish Archipelago as a top priority initiative is an excellent example of how these objectives are being supported.”