Turun Ydinkeskustayhdistys (Turku city centre association) works in co-operation with over 300 member companies, the City of Turku, and the Turku citizens in order to promote the vitality and eventfulness of the City Centre area.

The association was founded in 2008, and its most important tasks are to coordinate events in the City Centre, to distribute information, and to coordinate the Christmas contents in the City Centre. The most traditional event organized by the association is the Fairy-tale-like Christmas Opening in Turku, which begins the christmas time in the whole city.

The entrepreneurs of the City Centre have combined their strengths in order to bring life and events to the City Centre for Christmas. The purpose of the Christmas Path is to create Christmas spirit and to offer something interesting to see for everyone.

Keskellä Turkua web page contains more information about the association and its member companies in Finnish.