During the last year, over a million people fled to Europe to seek refuge from war and violence. The migration is far from over, and new asylum seekers are still arriving in Turku as well With the campaign, the City of Turku wants to remind people that despite the changing conditions, we all have to work together with people who are granted asylum to make Turku into a city that is a good and safe place to live for everyone.

We must not refrain from asking difficult questions, but at the same time we must not give in to violence, derision and fear.

The citizens of Turku also have a say in choosing the New Citizen of Turku and the Multicultural Act. Over the month of January, anyone can submit nominations for the person or act to be chosen.

Who, what?

The New Citizen of Turku is a title bestowed upon a person living in the Turku region who has an immigrant background, while the Multicultural Act is an award given to a person, company, association or other type of community. The requirement is that the person and the act have promoted multicultural dialogue and cooperation in an exemplary manner.

Previous New Citizens of Turku include entrepreneur Aydin Yilmaz, members of the Turku City Council Roda Hassan, Alas Ali and Muhis Azizi, teacher Hatice Kütük, Managing Director Maria Severina, reporter Wali Hashi and the Chairman of Sondip ry and Together Association ry Hasan Habib.

The Multicultural Act award has previously been given to the Runokohtauksia project, football as an integration method, the Turku Christian Institute, retired teacher Anja Marjanen, principal Annika Hongisto, the activities of the Teacher Training School of Turku University in support of multi- and interculturalism and the efforts of the Turku Women's Centre to prevent honour-based violence.

All the persons named New Citizens of Turku are examples of how integration to their new home country benefits the entire community. Immigrants also play a growing role in the development and prosperity of the Turku region.

The numerous Multicultural Acts speak for the fact that the citizens of Turku have the desire to cooperate and work together with newcomers.

Suggest now!

Nominations can be submitted untill 31January 2016  online or by filling out a paper form available at libraries and Turku-Piste Puolalankatu 5, among other places.