The week of Cultural exercise routes will take place from 23 to 29 May. The Cultural exercise routes combine culture with exercise aiming to encourage people to explore the city with its exciting stories and history.

The activity is proposed to give an incentive for the citizens to look at their hometown in a new light. There will also be organized tutorials in Finnish during the week of Cultural exercise routes. Part of the route maps are translated into English and Swedish. 

–The Cultural exercise routes are free of charge and can be practiced throughout the year. However, this kind of activities can easily be forgotten during a long winter. Now when the summer is coming, it’s time to bring your route map and get inspired by the city environment, says Antti Kallioniemi, project employee at the Cultural exercise routes.


Participants can take photos from the route and tag them on Instagram or other social media applications with #kulttuurikuntoilu. This way photos from the Cultural exercise routes will be available in the social media year round.

The week of Cultural exercise routes will be visible at the Main Library of Turku, in the shopping centers of the surrounding area and by the Aura River.

The route maps are available for free at the Turku Main Library or can be printed from the website of the Cultural exercise routes.