The theme Together of the centenary of Finland’s independence is also a fitting theme for the City of Turku’s selection campaign for the New Citizen of Turku and the Multicultural Act of 2017 from 23 January to 12 February.

Turku is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Finland. Of all its residents, 10 per cent speak something other than Finnish or Swedish as their native language, and many of them have only lived in Finland for a short while. Being excluded from society is part of the everyday life of many new residents of Turku, and this also poses a challenge for the whole city.

Together, the residents, city, organisations, congregations, universities and companies can build a Turku where everyone is included and can lead a good and safe life.

‘We are carrying out significant work in Turku to promote integration in many ways, but together we can do even better. I want to challenge every resident of Turku to consider how they themselves can promote the feeling of solidarity among all the residents. You can start by submitting a nomination for the New Citizen of Turku and the Multicultural Act of 2017,’ suggests Development Manager Maarit Luukkaa.  

Give your suggestions!

The residents of the city can submit nominations for the New Citizen of Turku and the Multicultural Act of 2017 at once on the website form or with a form that is available at libraries and Turku-Piste, among other places. Nominations will be accepted until 12 February 2017

The New Citizen of Turku is a title bestowed upon a person living in the Turku region who has an immigrant background, while the Multicultural Act is an award given to a person, company, association or other type of community. The persons or entities awarded these titles increase contacts and mutual understanding between the immigrant and local populations and work to promote tolerance and integration in an innovative and open-minded manner.

Previous New Citizens of Turku include chef Berhan Ahmadi, members of the Turku City Council Roda Hassan, Alas Ali and Muhis Azizi, Managing Director Maria Severina and reporter Wali Hashi.

Among other recipients, the Multicultural Act award has previously been given to the church’s courageous actions for asylum seekers, the Turku Market Hall, football as an integration method, principal Annika Hongisto and the activities of the Teacher Training School of Turku University in support of multi- and interculturalism.

The New Citizen of Turku and the Multicultural Act of 2017 will be chosen by the Multicultural Council of Turku from among nominations submitted by residents of the city. The awards will be presented to the winners at the celebration for new citizens that will be held in March.

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