Turku wants to help companies attract the best skilled labour to the rapidly growing city and the urban region of Turku. Together with Meyer Turku and Bayer, the city has produced a wide-scale campaign that introduces the city’s services. The campaign is intended for the use of all the companies in the region.

The Turku region and Southwest Finland will require thousands of new employees by 2020 for the manufacturing technology industry and its growth phase that will also impact other sectors.

The campaign includes an electronic brochure in Finnish, Swedish and English as well as videos intended for social media channels. The campaign is titled ‘Move to Turku’.

We want to tell everyone about the high quality of life that Turku provides.

Saara Malila

‘The marketing team’s touch is both aptly informative and boldly funny. We want to attract attention and tell everyone about the high quality of life that Turku provides,’ says Director of Communication Saara Malila.

Companies can include a link to the materials in their recruitment announcements, as this simultaneously provides job seekers with information about Turku as a place to live.

The videos produced to support the brochure are shared by the city and its partners via their own channels. The advertising agency Zeeland Family Oyj is in charge of the campaign’s implementation.

‘Job seekers are primarily looking for interesting work, but their decisions are also greatly influenced by all the other factors: day care, schools and recreational opportunities, not to mention the housing available in the new city and the ease of commuting there. The campaign highlights Turku’s strengths as a well-functioning, good-sized and attractive city surrounded by a dynamic urban area,’ Saara Malila goes on to say.

At present, growth in the Turku region is being boosted by the excellent success of the business sector: the strong growth prospects of the maritime, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries in particular are increasing trust and fuelling a boom in other industries, particularly construction

It is very important for Meyer Turku to attract top-level experts to the Turku region.

Tapani Mylly

‘It is very important for Meyer Turku to attract top-level experts to the Turku region. Over the next few years, we will be facing a need to recruit hundreds of people every year, and for that reason we must lower the threshold for moving to Turku as much as possible. We are delighted to work together with the City of Turku on this matter,’ states Communication Manager Tapani Mylly from Meyer Turku.

Turku is investing heavily on developing the city’s infrastructure in order to meet this growth. The city is also working on developing housing, public transport and other traffic connections elsewhere in the region and preparing in many ways for the city’s population to increase.    

‘The ultimate competitive factor is skilled labour. New ship orders, production agreements in car manufacturing and other major business deals were ultimately obtained here in Southwest Finland with world-class top expertise. The availability of skilled labour, a high-quality and efficient education system, a diverse housing supply and

the smooth functioning of infrastructure are all important and critical factors whose significance will continue to grow in the next few years. The city is also enhancing the business services it provides for growth companies by assembling them into a directly and easily approachable package,’ says Pekka Sundman, Director of the City Development Group of Turku.

We are talking about a positive structural change with good reason.

Pekka Sundman

The growth prospects of the manufacturing technology industry extend to the mid-2020s in the Turku region. By this time, the maritime and automotive industries and their networks will be among those that have increased their production capacity to a whole new level.

‘We are talking about a positive structural change with good reason. This not only involves Turku and Southwest Finland but the entire country. One could say that Southwest Finland is currently forging growth across the entire country and for the benefit of Finland,’ says Sundman.