The City of Turku has shared the source codes for the and the online services and most recently the source codes for the furniture recycling system. In addition to sharing the code, municipalities are co-operating closely in developing digital services on a national level.
  • The security audited online service entity is available on the city’s Github account.
  • The contents of the package can be found at Kada.

The open source code of the online service has attracted interest especially among those renewing their online platforms.

But this does not mean that Turku only gives and doesn’t receive anything. According to the principles of open code sharing, Turku will make use of other available solutions, such as the already built Helsinki area service map with its solutions that will be implemented in Turku in 2017. The purpose is to replace the currently used Turku service map with the new one.

There are also less visible ways of co-operation as the cities of Turku and Espoo have closely co-operated on transferring service data between different background systems. This means the data is saved only once and made use of extensively. Co-operation between the largest Finnish cities is active in the Six City Strategy (6Aika) project, especially in questions related to open data and interfaces.

’From the perspective of an inhabitant, wider co-operation means better digital services faster. At the same time, tax funds are used optimally as the efficiency of working is improved,’ says Project Manager Päivi Saalasto.

In addition to the co-operation between large cities, Turku is strongly included in national digital solutions reforms by implementing new online payments among the first ones instead of their own solutions, for instance. 

As a continuation to the above-mentioned service map and online payments, the Development of Digital Services spearhead project is next developing a hobby search, digital city planning and a municipality inhabitant’s account for managing own information and tasks. When inhabitants’ own services are built, it also makes internal work more efficient and helps to gain more up-to-date information easily for the sup-port of the management.