The open source code of the online service has attracted interest especially among those renewing their online platforms. The City of Pori has progressed most with the code’s implementation: they have already tested the online service’s features to support their own operations.
  • The security audited online service entity is available on the city’s Github account
  • The contents of the package can be found at Kada.

Using the source code attracted wide interest also in the autumn when sharing the code was made public.

’The people of Pori were especially enthusiastic about the chance to develop a carefully thought out content management system. Utilising a shared online platform creates new opportunities for inter-municipality development work. At the same time, it keeps the costs of the system’s imple-mentation reasonable,’ says Heikki Haaparanta, CIO at the City of Pori. source code is open for anyone to use was created in unique co-operation between three online service suppliers. In their work, Citrus Solutions Oy, Druid Oy and Wunder Finland Oy extensively made use of modules and functionalities created by the Drupal community.

’The project was very interesting. We had the chance to solve problems related to the structuring of a massive amount of content and findability with innovative methods. In addition, sharing sev-eral online services and contents from one content management system is a solution that must be of interest to many public or private sector actors,’ says Juha Niemi, Senior Developer at Wunder.

Also a large number of city personnel, university trainees and city inhabitants were included in developing the online service’s features. Their observations and ideas helped to build the service into an entity that’s now available.

’In addition to this, the great co-operation between the suppliers ensured that the solution had the best possible expertise. What shows everyone’s commitment in the project is that the so-lution was wrapped up partly at the expense of the suppliers,’ says Jyri-Petteri Paloposki, soft-ware architect at Citrus Solutions.

Using the online service’s functionalities is open for all. For instance, anyone can make use of the news or event calendar functionalities in the source code in accordance with the original licensing terms and conditions. During the spring, also the service data interface to the national service data pool will be in-cluded in the package.

’Our experiences from the Pori pilot project prove that an ecosystem developing around an open online platform also brings significant benefit to the municipality sector. You don’t have to build all functionalities from the ground up, which means that municipalities have many ready-made com-ponents they can use quickly. Also all new functionalities and improvements that will come out of further development will be available to everyone,’ says Mika Suominen from Druid who was al-so involved in the project.