The focus of technical expertise shifts to Southwest Finland
  • With all the spill-over effects, the employment impact of the marine and manufacturing industries in Turku and Southwest Finland will be as high as 30,000 people by the mid-2020s.
  • According to the estimations of the technology industries, the region’s estimated recruitment requirement for workforce with higher level education will nearly double in 2017-2021.
  • This year, Valmet Automotive will recruit over 1,000 new employees. Additional resources are needed for all operations and categories of staff. The biggest increase is seen in the number of car manufacturers, but over 100 new posts will be opened in management, production support and expertise levels. A significant part of these posts is linked to different types of product development tasks.
  • Meyer Turku will increase its current workforce of 1,600 to around 2,000 employees by 2020. This year the company will recruit over 300, and next year it will recruit 200 people. The need for replacement recruitment, i.e. new personnel replacing retiring employees, is around 100 per year during 2017–2020. In Meyer Turku, direct employment with all subcontractors amounts to 15,000 jobs in 2021.
  • The capacity of Sandvik’s factory, which manufactures mining machinery in Turku, is aimed to be doubled. The company intends to recruit over 100 new employees in Turku.
  • Vincit Group is a software company currently located in Tampere. They wish to expand their operations and will open an office with 100 employees in Turku as soon as possible.
  • Rolls-Royce will place its new research and development centre focusing on remote-controlled and autonomous ships in Turku.

Image: Rolls-Royce