The theme for the Finland's centenary celebrations is "together". We’ll put it into practice by getting 30 000 people to dance a traditional Finnish dance, humppa, at the same time.

Europeade celebrates the theme "together" by participating in a world record attempt in the Finnish humppa dance on Saturday 29 July. The record-seeking attempt is part of the Dancing Finland 2017 campaign, which is also a part of the Finland 100 Years programme. As many as 30,000 dancers are expected to join the attempt on a national level. Come and join us! No previous experience is needed, just come and dance.

The audience is invited to train the dance in Varvintori on Saturday 29 July at 19.30.

The easy steps of huppa can also be learned in advance here. Go ahead and try!!

Further information (in Finnish) on Facebook
#suomitanssii #humppahaaste