Mrs. Jenni Haukio, the spouse of the President of the Republic of Finland, has agreed to be the patroness of Europeade 2017 in Turku this summer.

Europeade is Europe's largest folklore festival which is organised every year in different country. This year the 54th Europade arrives in Turku and Finland for the first time.

Already 6,200 participants from all parts of Europe have registered for Europeade in Turku - an all-time record for the history of the event!

Europeade is a part of the official Finland 100 years programme. The theme for the Finland's centenary celebrations is "together" which is a perfect match for the spirit of a folk culture event. The participants dancing together as a big family and the volunteer workers as well as the audience all together make Europeade what it is. 

- The language of dance is the same for everyone, says coordinator Hilu Toivonen-Alastalo.

- There will be 14 stages in the city and by the riverside. The performances on them are free of charge for the audience. The opening and closing events at Gatorade Center are worth seeing, when thousands of participants come together to dance, sing and play, she continues.

See a video from previous Europeade events here.