Mayor Aleksi Randell has been appointed as Director General of the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT (CFCI). The decision was made on 13 June by the CFCI Board, and Randell will take up his new role on 9 November.

– In the autumn, I will have been working for the City for nine years consecutively. The last seven of those as the Mayor, and before that, two years as the Chair of the City Board. Leading my home town has been a special kind of an honour and an interesting task professionally, but the time has come to move on, Mayor Randell says.

– The city will never be complete and finished, and some of the reforms and projects whose launching I have participated in are not done yet. However, in many respects, things are going well in Turku, and I can be content in moving on, Randell continues.

The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT (CFCI) is an interest organisation for companies within the construction industry in matters related to industrial policy, technical issues, and the employment market. CFCI consists of over 2,500 member companies, which employ over 58,000 people in total. It is one of the largest member organisations of the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK).

– I am fascinated by the strong connection between the construction industry and the competitiveness challenges facing our entire country. I’m motivated to work for sustainable growth and new jobs. The industry is also at an interesting turning point, Randell says.

Negotiations regarding the change of role are the next step

Mayor Aleksi Randell has not yet submitted his resignation notice to Turku City Council. The next phase in the process is discussions between the Mayor and the City’s leaders on matters related to the change of roles.

– Next, I will talk to the Chairs of Turku City Council and City Board about matters related to my changing of role. The official resignation notice will come after that. I will manage my position fully until someone else takes over or another decision is reached, Randell says.

The newly elected Chairs of the City Board and Turku City Council, Lauri Kattelus and Elina Rantanen, were surprised by the Mayor’s announcement.

– I understand that these kinds of matters cannot be discussed much in advance, but now that we do know, we will first open negotiations with the Mayor, and then discuss the matter among the City’s political leaders. Decisions will come after the summer, estimates Chairperson of the City Board Kattelus.

– Mayor Randell will continue to work as usual for now, and we are sure that he will carry out his duties just as well as he has done for several years, Kattelus continues.

– Mayor Randell has not yet submitted his resignation notice to the Turku City Council and is not leaving tomorrow, so we can now take our time to discuss this piece of news and talk about how to proceed when he does leave in November, says Chairperson of Turku City Council Rantanen.

The City will announce new information when the above-mentioned negotiations have been completed.