On the Night of the Arts, Thursday, 17 August, WAM, the galleries of the Old Great Square, the Turku Artoteque and Turku Main Library will remain open longer than usual. At WAM, you can enjoy an exhibition by Hashimoto and the accompanying programme that will shed light on the background of the exhibition. The Main Library features used book sales, lecture and a Sing Along concert for children. At the Night of the Arts for families, you can have a picnic at Vartiovuori.

The Night of the Arts, Thursday, 17 August

WAM open until 11 pm: Hashimoto exhibition, art workshop, jazz, science and science fiction

At WAM’s Night of the Arts, you can enjoy the exhibition Giants and Uncertain Atmospheres by Jacob Hashimoto and the evening’s programme that will shed light on the background of the exhibition. Hashimoto’s artistic work is inspired by many different factors, and those chosen for the event are jazz, science and science fiction. Music by jazz musician Sun Ra will be played in the lobby. The lyrics of his music have lent their name to the art installation Never Comes Tomorrow. The evening will culminate in Hayao Miyazaki’s film The Wind Rises, which will be shown in the sculpture hall.

  • Exhibition introductions at the exhibition rooms in Finnish at 6:15, 6:45, 7:45, 8:15, 8:45, 9:15 and 9:45pm. In Swedish at 8pm.
  • The art workshop implements an outdoor installation for the atrium yard between 6–10pm.
    At the workshop, the participants will create a floating sculpture for the atrium yard. The work will reflect the lightness, brightness and colourfulness of Hashimoto’s art: as the installation grows in size, the pool in the atrium yard will begin to shine like a sea of lights (weather permitting). You can also leave your handprint to a collaborative installation started in July and try your hand at watercolour monotypes.
  • Turku City Library’s Pop-up bicycle on the museum terrace between 6–10:45pm
    The Pop-up bicycle will bring a selection of books with the themes of space and science fiction on the museum terrace. You can also loan out the books. Hashimoto has said that he is very interested in both science fiction classics and astronomy, and that they have had an impact on his work, which can be seen in the names of the works, for example.
  • Atmospheres music and sound installation at the museum lobby between 7–7:30pm
    Duo Mauri Mikkola (electric guitar) and Kristiina Karsten (keyboard) will take over the lobby. Atmospheres is a music and sound installation that takes its inspiration from jazz. It will be partly improvised, based on the atmosphere at the exhibition and during the evening.
  • Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises film showing at the sculpture hall at 8:30pm
    The film will highlight the scientific perspective of the exhibition, which is particularly visible in Hashimoto’s two-dimensional pieces and in the Armada installation. Jirō Horikoshi’s life story is a portrayal of ambitious work as an aircraft engineer, of a dream of flying and reaching for one’s dreams. The film has been considered to be the director’s greatest work. The film is spoken in Japanese with English subtitles.

The museum and Cafe Wäinö will remain open until 11 pm.

Tickets €10 for adults / €4 for students, pensioners, unemployed people / €2 for 7–15-year-olds / €0.5 for 4–6-year-olds / family ticket €20.50. Entrance at half price after 6 pm.

The Turku Artoteque. Photo: TMK/Raakkel Närhi.

Galleries of the Old Great Square and the Turku Artoteque open until 10pm

At the Old Great Square, you can visit the exhibitions at the galleries and have a look at what the Artoteque has to offer.

  • Gallery Grey / Anu Raatikainen: 360
    When the viewer steps into the exhibition room, they will see a woman, dressed in black, standing in the dark space. The woman is orbited by a source of light that moves around her in vertical, circular movements. During its rotation, the light illuminates different parts of the woman, sometimes catching on her left or right cheek, or her chin or the top of her head.
  • The Old Town Hall Gallery / Hertta Kiiski: Melankolia2047
    Melankolia2047 is Hertta Kiiski’s thirteenth private exhibition, now held in her hometown Turku for the first time after a long break. The exhibition features an installation, which comprises, among other aspects, natural sponges, sticks, photographs and video. The sound landscape of the installation was created by artist Kimmo Modig.
  • Brinkkala Gallery / Mobile diaspora
    In the Mobile diaspora videos presented at the Brinkkala Gallery, asylum seekers speak about their own life and their journey to Finland.

The galleries and the Turku Artoteque are open until 10pm. Free admission.

 Sing Along children's concert. Photo: Seilo Ristimäki.

The Main Library offers concerts, lecture and used book sales

At the Library yard of the Turku Main Library, you can sing children’s songs in the Sing Along concert played by a quartet of musicians from the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. The Main Library’s Studio features an improv meditation concert by composer Eero Hämeenniemi. Bring your own yoga mat with you! Emil Anton will also hold lecture at the library. You can make great finds at the used book sale. The Main Library is open until 10 pm.

  • 4–7 pm, Library yard (weather permitting)
    Used book sale
  • 4–5 pm, the Main Library’s Studio
    Aikamatkoja Suomen historiaan: katolisempi kuin luulit. Emil Anton; theologist, philologist, teacher, translator, magician, guide. Lecture (in Finnish), in cooperation with the Turku Music Festival. 
  • 5:30–6:15 pm, Library yard (weather permitting)
    The Night of the Arts Sing Along children's concert. This concert will banish boredom! A quartet from the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra will perform well known Finnish songs for children. The audience will have the opportunity to sing them too! The band will also introduce their instruments to the audience. Come along and sing along! The songs and instrument presentations will be in Finnish. Musicians: Jonni Hämäläinen & Ilana Gothóni, violin, Henna Jämsä, clarinet, Nicolas Indermühle, tuba.
  • at 9 pm, the Main Library’s Studio
    Improv meditation concert. Composer Eero Hämeenniemi. Bring your own yoga mat. The concert room has space for 50 of the first-comers.
  • Turku City Library
At Vartiovuori traditional games can be played with the playthings from Kurala.

The Night of the Arts for Families offers children’s music, fine arts and traditional games

The Night of the Arts for Families is now held for the tenth time, and the theme this year will be the Suomi Finland 100 anniversary year. The event is held at Vartiovuori between 5 and 8 pm. This free-of-charge picnic event for families with children will fill the park with music and fine arts. Traditional games can be played with the playthings from Kylämäki Village in Kurala. At the doll hospital, children can practice taking care of babies, and the photography exhibition presents the history of the Heideken maternity hospital. The theatre stage will feature performances, among them a show by Mimi and Kuku.


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