Mayor of Turku, Aleksi Randell, sends his deepest condolences concerning the acts of violence that happened in Turku city centre.

City of Turku has opened an crisis line regarding violence in the centrum.

Please call number + 358 2 262 6003

- We have been shocked by the acts of violence that took place in Turku today. I give my deepest symphaties to the relatives of the victims and wish that the injured persons and their relatives stay strong, Randell says.

According to confirmed police sources there were alltogether nine (9) victims in the acts of violence in the Turku city centre. The suspect has been taken into custody. According to the police, the city centre is safe at the moment.

- I want to say this to all our residents: it is difficult to understand that such violence would happen on this scale in Turku. Occurences that have been all too frequent in Europe and around the world have now arrived here, which is what we're been afraid of, too, says Mayor Randell.

- The attacker has been taken into custody and the police are investigating whether he was acting alone. The police are doing their utmost to solve this case and the city cooperates with other authorities in order to prevent anything like this from happening again.

-My message to the inhabitants of our city is that we should stay calm,  we should stay united and not let fear overtake out lives, says Aleksi Randell, the Mayor of Turku.