Migration to Turku is at its liveliest during autumn time, as the new students arrive in the city. Over 4 500 new students will begin their studies at one of the six universities in Turku.

A significant number of higher education students having studied in Turku will find employment in the area after their graduation. According to Statistics Finland, in 2014, almost three out of four people who graduated from universities of applied sciences were working in the area of Southwest Finland one year after their graduation. Of those who graduated from universities, one in every two people was working within the region.

– The numbers are estimated to grow, as the positive economic transformation proceeds. Experts trained at the universities in Turku are needed in the enterprises of the area, from the manufacturing industry all the way to demanding product development and innovation activities, says Pekka Sundman, Director of Urban Development at the City of Turku.

– It is wonderful that new job opportunities are opening in Turku, hopefully also internship opportunities. The students will feel at home in Turku. Many will look for work specifically in the area of Southwest Finland after graduation, confirms Pontus Lindroos, Chairman of Group 40 000 which represents the students of all six universities in the area.

The best city in Finland for students

The City of Turku, the universities in the area, student organisations and business life develop the City of Turku as a city of students together. Every fifth person living in Turku is a student.

– The six universities and 40 000 students in Turku are in many ways a significant attraction and a factor of vitality for the area. An attractive city invites people to study, enjoy their time here while studying, and remain after graduation. When students are happy, the entire city benefits from it, Sundman says.

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PHOTO: Minna Kankare