This year, Turku will attend the SLUSH business event with the theme Turku loves Business. The theme of love underlines that the Turku region wants to share opportunities created by the positive economic transformation with businesses, researchers and other actors coming from around Finland. Also the Ruisrock Rave container will be introducing Turku culture in the world of business.

The Turku region is experiencing strong growth. The top industries in the region such as the maritime industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the ICT industry attract new businesses and investments in the area. Turku, having already driven economic growth before, wants to seize the trends more rapidly and searches for collaboration partners from around the country.

- Forget the images of Turku residents as introverted and sulky. How things are done in Turku has changed. Now, in terms of collaboration, we want to reach around Finland and beyond, says Sonja Hyrynsalmi, facilitator of the startup community SparkUp.

- Together with local universities, we are looking for new partnerships and actors in the business event SLUSH. The City of Turku came along and so we got the brand Turku loves Business as our umbrella term. I think it reflects our current mindset quite well. We have a lot to offer and we hope to get many new partners and networks to join the growth with the Turku region, she continues.

At the Turku loves Business x Academy x Startups event organised on the first day of SLUSH, 30 November from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Kokoustamo facilities at the Turku Fair Centre, experts and actors in digitalisation, future technologies, life science and food of the future will get together. The event is organised as a workshop, with Pauli-Aalto Setälä / Aller Media, Paavo Kosonen / Hilla and Hanna Halme / Life Science Accelerator as facilitators. A SLUSH ticket is not required and the event is open for all. Registration for the event:

In collaboration with the Ruisrock festival, Turku will bring a Rave container to the SLUSH Music event marking the beginning of the SLUSH week. Participants are invited in the container to dance in between the programme. The Rave container that has already become a hit was also presented at the Finland 100 celebrations in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm.

- We are happy to promote Turku in collaboration with Ruisrock and other local actors. The container turned out to be a success in Stockholm, attracting both positive attention and dancers, says Turku Director of Communications Saara Malila.

SLUSH-business event from 30 November to 1 December
SLUSH Music from 28 November to 29 November