The concept plan for the Blue Industry Park (BIP), located near the Turku shipyard, has been completed. Commissioned by Turku Science Park Ltd, the planning was carried out by Elomatic Oy.

Blue Industry Park

  • The work on the Blue Industry Park’s total of approximately 55 hectares of land will already commence in 2018 with the construction of a new road.

  • The construction of the new facilities will be implemented in stages between 2019 and 2030.

  • The next step will be to prepare a detailed business plan, which will be completed in spring 2018.

  • Turku Science Park Ltd is in charge of preparing the plan.

The development of the Blue Industry Park was expedited by a decision made by the Turku City Council in spring 2017 regarding the procurement of the land areas around Meyer Turku Oy for the city.

The aim is for the Blue Industry Park to become the leading production and innovation cluster for the maritime and manufacturing industry in Europe. Its role will be to meet the growth needs of the maritime and manufacturing industry in the Turku region and the rest of Southwest Finland and promote the industry’s future competitiveness.

‘The Turku region is one of the locomotives for Finland’s strong economic growth. In order for this growth to also continue in the next decade, it will require persistent, internationally interesting and ambitious investments into the future. The Blue Industry Park will be one of the most important projects for industrial policy in the coming years,’ says Mayor Minna Arve of Turku.

The region serves companies of all sizes and strengthens the industrial clusters in the Turku region as a whole.

‘The Blue Industry Park offers a unique development opportunity. No other European shipbuilding cluster has developed the area in the shipyard’s immediate vicinity through such a comprehensive strategic plan,’ Arve continues.

The competitive edge of the Blue Industry Park will be the synergy created by the cooperation between the companies and other operators in the area. The Blue Industry Park will combine a critical mass of resources and expertise as well as a competitive framework for production, product development and research.

Blue Industry Park area.

Logistical connections will link the Blue Industry Park’s companies directly to the global market via roads, railways, sea and air.

CEO Niko Kyynäräinen of Turku Science Park Ltd sheds light on the goals for the Blue Industry Park:

‘We want BIP to provide first-class conditions not only for production but also for continuous renewal, maintenance of top-class expertise and development. The goal is to reach 100 companies, 10,000 employees and approximately EUR 500 million in investments.’

The construction of the Blue Industry Park is also a valuable thing to Meyer Turku Oy.

‘For Meyer Turku, the Blue Industry Park is a very important project, with our production multiplying from its 2014 level in the next few years. The building of cruise ships leans heavily on a network, and the Blue Industry Park will make it possible to both intensify this cooperation further and open completely new doors. We will be happy to support the project’s progress to ensure the creation of a functional and efficient technology village around the shipyard on a fast schedule,’ says Deputy CEO Tapani Pulli of Meyer Turku Oy.

Blue Industry Park's factory floor.