On the basis of the city plan draft, the call for architects is opened during the spring of 2018 in the framework of the Turun Ratapiha (‘Turku rail yard’) project. The objective of the competition is to find a comprehensive plan that suits the city structure, is realistic in terms of transport and costs and is of high functional and architectural quality.

Public event

A public event on the Ratapiha project is organised on 12 February 2018 in Logomo from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to have views from residents and decision-makers as a basis for the architect competition and planning work.

Event organisers: GSP Group Oy and VR

The City of Turku initiates the city planning of the Turku rail yard area in accordance with the agreement approved by the City Board in November 2017. The participation and evaluation plan concerning the project was presented to the Urban Environment Committee on 30 January 2018.

The call for architects opened in the spring

On the basis of the city plan draft begins the call for architects in the framework of the Turku rail yard project over the course of spring 2018. The competition entry must present an internationally significant and unique solution. The Turku experience centre is an urban development project of almost 500 million euros and 170 000 square metres right next to the immediate city centre. The centre will become a nationally and internationally interesting entity of event business, family vacations, experience centre and exercise of the 2020’s. The goal is that the experience centre will be opened in 2022.

The experience centre will become a significant year-round destination in Turku.

– The experience centre will become a significant year-round family destination in Turku. The centre will include an indoors amusement park, a theme park, activity parks, cultural spaces and exhibitions, diverse events, a multi-purpose arena and exercise functions, says Project Manager of the Turun Ratapiha project Ilkka Kilpimaa from GSP Group Oy. The business is an expert of property development and building management and also works with urban development projects Garden Helsinki, Oulun Ratapiha and Hippos2020.

The project forms part of the Turku city centre spearhead project and enhances the attractiveness of the city in terms of events and tourism – along with the vitality of the city centre. As the planning work begins, also the planning aimed at the expansion of the city centre and the entity of the new city district begin to take form.

– Initiating city planning and the call for architects is a big step for the Ratapiha project. The architect contest is demanding from the point of view of functional objectives but we believe that we will receive high-class proposals, says Director of Urban Planning at the City of Turku Timo Hintsanen.