When the campuses start to quiet down, the summer in Turku goes into full swing. Pack a book and a blanket or get together with friends! The summer of 2018 is here.

Cycle to your destination in no time

The city bike, Fölläri, takes you anywhere you want to go this summer. You can also borrow a bike from the library or rent a bike from the Visit Turku office for longer journeys.

Spend a day in the park

Samppalinna Hill, Sports Park, Kupittaa Park, Vartiovuori Park, Puolala Park and many others. Turku’s parks are among the students’ absolute favourite places. The parks have ample space for all sorts of activities, ranging from outdoor yoga to skating and from disc golf to swimming.

Pack a lunch and take a trip

Ruissalo is the staple for summer outings, but there are numerous different interesting locations in and around Turku, as well. You do not need to own a car, because Föli, or Turku Region Public Transport, will take you to Kuhankuono in the Kurjenrahka National Park this summer.

Impressive hiking areas and jogging trails await those wanting to explore the area from the edge of the Turku Student Village to the upper reaches of the Aura River. You can rent a kayak or a SUP board at the Halistenkoski rapids. The idyllic Kylämäki village in Kurala is also an excellent location to have a packed lunch.

Hit the beach and swim

Take a dip in the middle of the city in the Samppalinna Swimming Stadium or head for the nearest beach. Some of the beaches also feature practical spots for barbecues right at the seaside. You are guaranteed an idyllic night with friends by the sea!

Water busses

In Turku the archipelago is easy to reach by jumping on a water bus. The Föli's water bus service runs from the Aura River to Ruissalo and Pikisaari. In addition, city of Turku’s outdoor recreation islands offers a wonderful settings for day trip and can be easily accessed with a water bus from the shore of the River Aura.

Museums and cultural events at student prices

In Turku, students enjoy affordable cultural events in the summer, as well. And there are museums for everybody! We recommend visiting Cafe Qwensel in connection with the renewed Pharmacy Museum. Coffee and cake in the stylish 18th century milieu lend a certain atmospheric air to your summer day.

Events around the clock

From Ruisrock to Turku Modern and Ilmiö! Turku is buzzing with small and large festivals and summer events every week. 

Combine culture and outdoor recreation

Cultural exercise routes located around the Aura river are a refreshing combination of culture and exercise. Take your time and explore Turku and its love stories, statues and urban legends. You can walk, run or cycle, the choice is yours. You can get the route maps from the library or the Tourist info or download the free Citynomadi mobile app.

Travel locally

The most beautiful archipelago in the world, fortress islands, lighthouses, iron works, Medieval ruins and breathtaking picnic spots can be found just a short distance from Turku. Travel to the Kuusisto Bishop's Castle Ruins or scale the hill at the Old Castle of Lieto. Those planning to do some biking must cycle the Archipelago Trail. Head over to the Visit Turku website for further information or browse local natural attractions on the nationalparks.fi website.