The Latvian airline company increases the number of flights on the Turku-Riga route for the spring and summer seasons starting from March 2019. A new afternoon departure brings a long-awaited addition to the current morning and evening departures on four days a week.

In Turku, the new departures are seen as a sign of the improved economic situation, and the addition also indicates a growth in the numbers of passengers.

– The new departures are a proof of the attraction of the Turku region and a positive structural change. Airline companies have noticed that the usage rate has increased, and they therefore want to improve the service level, Mayor of Turku Minna Arve says delightedly.

Riga is a significant airport for flight connections, and it is used for travelling to dozens of destinations. This makes travelling from Turku to European metropolises, such as London, Milan, Berlin, and Brussels, even more effortless than before.

– The reachability of Turku will improve considerably, and the new departures will serve both business life and tourists more easily. We are glad about the strengthening cooperation with Air Baltic, commends Director of Airport Networks Jani Jolkkonen from Finavia.

Turku citizens and the residents of the region favour Turku Airport especially because of its convenience. The lack of rush and the easy connections make the airport an appealing alternative for Helsinki Airport.

The new flights depart on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Currently, Turku has direct flights to Mariehamn, Stockholm, and Gdansk in addition to Riga. Furthermore, Wizz Air reported about starting direct flights from Turku to Kaunas last week.

Photo: Air Baltic