Residents are experts on their own living areas and home town. The results of the security survey will provide authorities with statistics and help define the best security measures for different living areas.

The survey asks widely about safety and security. The themes are: community, crimes, feeling of insecurity, dangerous places and areas, accidents, preparedness and global security threats. The cause of the survey is to find out about the citizens’ current feeling of security and the aspects impacting it.

You can answer here:

Answering takes about 15 minutes. The survey will close by 21.9.2018.

The City of Turku has executed a previous security survey in 2016. The results were used to form the city’s safety and security plan. The 2018 security survey is a part of a project with the objective of finding new solutions to improve the feeling of safety and security. The project is being managed with the support of Finland’s Ministry of Justice