Several changes have been made in the traffic arrangements in the city centre of Turku since the renovation started at the Market Square. However, the market with its surroundings can be used also during the construction work. Please have a look in the changes and in the substituting services.

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You can still drive to the city centre

Even though driving through has been prohibited in Aurakatu, Eerikinkatu, and Linnankatu, it is still possible to drive to the city centre. Prohibited through-passage is not a driving ban, and does not apply to parking, for example. Merely the street sections surrounding the Market Square have been completely closed to private vehicles.

The parking lots in close proximity to the Market Square have disappeared, but the other parking spaces around the city centre are still available for use like previously. For example, P-Louhi, Market Hall parking, Main Library parking, Julia parking hall, Eskeli parking garage, and the remaining street parking lots are free for use.

Furthermore, new parking lots will be created in the city centre. New parking activity will be directed to Aurakatu, Eerikinkatu, and Maariankatu. For more detailed information on the new parking lots, please see the street-specific plans.

Public transport and pedestrian and bicycle lanes functioning

The main operation of the bus traffic has shifted from the side of the Market Square to Aurakatu and Linnankatu. Because of this, a majority of the routes and stops in the city centre have changed. Busses will be operating to the city centre also in the future, but it is recommended that you check the updated information about your own bus route on the Föli website.

The pedestrian and bicycle lanes also operate as usual, which means that the city centre can be accessed also by bicycle or foot. If needed, you can hop onto a Föli bike at any of the numerous city bike stations. The licence to the city bikes is included in most Föli season tickets at least until 30 April 2019. You can register as a Föli bike user on the Föli website, and by connecting your season ticket to the system, you will have free access to Föli bikes. Without a season ticket, city cycling is enabled by a monthly fee of 40 euros.

Temporary Market Square an extension to the promenade

A temporary Market Square has been opened in the space between Aurakatu and Kauppiaskatu. In other words, the market square trade continues in spite of the construction work, and the sellers are allowed to drive to the area to load and unload the goods.

An Info Container has been established in the temporary Market Square, operating from 1 October. At the Info Container, you will receive additional information about the progress of the Market Square renewal project and the archaeological excavations conducted in the Market Square. The Info Container is open on weekdays from 9 am to 2 pm.

On the move with respect for others

Although the surroundings of the Market Square will continue to be open to the citizens, it is good to be somewhat alert when paying a visit to the city centre. Due to the construction work, construction machines are operating in the area, and this requires caution from people visiting the Market Square.

Please note also the renovation of the Brahe Centre, as it narrows Brahenkatu down. Furthermore, there is more bus traffic in Linnankatu and Aurakatu than normally because of the route changes in public transport.

During the temporary arrangements, the most important thing is to take fellow citizens into consideration and keep calm in the traffic. With mutual compromises, we will all have a better and more convenient city centre in Turku!