The development of digital services was titled as a spearhead project of the City of Turku already last year. Digital services are developed through active co-operation within the city and on a national level. Also the future users will have a key role in the development of successful digital services.

More about digital development:

and support

Digitalisation widely touches the city’s development work on the whole. For example, numerous national digitalisation projects are being launched in Turku. I.a. the citizen’s account which is currently under development is partly constructed with statutory solutions, such as identification, payment, and messaging functions.

– Turku has pioneered in several national solutions and, simultaneously, cleared the path for other operators. For example, the statutory transfer of service data into the national system is here performed with technical solutions that other operators may start using with an open source code of the online service, explains Päivi Saalasto, Project Manager of the Development of Digital Services project.

Different divisions are developing digital services by simplifying internal processes, with the whole city’s development in mind. For example, a selling option of digital map data is being developed, as well as digital welfare services as part of a national solution. Digitalisation also plays a significant role in development work related to care and education.

Digital solutions also for free time

This year, for example, the hobby search has been updated with the strong contribution of the Sports Services Centre to better guide the user. The updated search system makes it easier for everyone to find a suitable hobby for themselves or their loved ones. The hobby search is open to all hobbies, which allows associations and communities to present the hobby options they provide.

– The development of the hobby search as also a part of the Service Guidance spearhead project is important, and it is a concrete component of a new kind of preventative work, describes Taina Kaila, Project Manager of the Service Guidance spearhead project.

As the new Ruissalo Visitor Centre opens in autumn, a new digital solution will be implemented as a part of its operations. Digitality will be visible not only in the centre, but also on the nature trails, as various additional digital services.

Digital development work has a good momentum also in museums, libraries, and youth services. In youth services, for example, possibilities are examined for the introduction of a digital youth card.

Support for the use of digital services

The use of digital services is supported through the AUTA trial in Turku until the end of May. In this trial, organised as a part of the national project and in co-operation with

  • Aurala Settlement Association (Auralan Setlementti ry)
  • Turku District Co-operative Bank (Turun Seudun Osuuspankki), and
  • Kansalaisen IT-tuki,

guidance is provided for the use of digital services in the Central and Runosmäki Health Stations. Launched in April, the trial has already produced many great experiences.

– Our staff are enthousiastically involved in guiding Turku citizens of all ages with the use of digital services. With online service credentials, many everyday tasks are easily completed, and the courage to use the services increases with collective practice. In case you don’t have online service credentials yet, I recommend you get them by visiting your closest bank, in order to simplify various tasks, tells Director of Change and Future Irma Hyvärinen.