The City of Turku declares a Discrimination-Free Zone on November 16, 2018, the International Day for Tolerance. An initiative for declaration was launched by the City Council of Turku. Almost 30 councillors were behind this fine initiative.

This campaign has been promoted in the work communities of the city this autumn. Mayor Minna Arve has reminded the personnel of zero tolerance for all bullying and discrimination in the work communities and she has asked them to address the problems of discrimination and inequality if they see or experience them in their work.

In addition, Arve has advised the work communities to consider what equality and non-discrimination mean in everyone’s work and how the theme can be promoted more systematically than before in daily actions and work.

– Of course, the principles of equality and non-discrimination have also earlier guided the actions of the City of Turku. When participating in the campaign for a Discrimination-Free Zone, we remind both ourselves and the citizens of our commitment to equality, says Arve.

The promotion of equality means extensive actions which concern the work of each city employee in some way. For example, it takes account of accessibility in city planning and in digital services, demolition of language barriers, attitude formation, service design and prevention of exclusion.

– A lot has been done but much more is still needed. I believe that when we keep talking about equality, words will become inspiration and actions and more and more of us begin to work by considering how to benefit different citizens of Turku in the best way, Arve sums up.

Background for the Discrimination-Free Zone campaign:

The campaign for a Discrimination-Free Zone is an information campaign against all kinds of discrimination, bullying and harassment. Organizations and work communities express their commitment to the principle of non-discrimination by means of this campaign. Declaring a Discrimination-Free Zone means opposition to discrimination and addressing problems if they exist, and recognizing equality between human beings.

The declaration is also a signal to employees, job-seekers and customers that the organization welcomes everyone irrespective of gender, age, ethnic background, religion or belief, opinion, state of health, disability or sexual orientation.

The campaign is carried out by The Finnish League for Human Rights, The Finnish Youth Co-operation Allianssi, Sexual Equality (SETA), Finnish Multicultural Sports Federation (Fimu), the Finnish Disability Forum in co-operation with the Ministry of Justice.