Töölö Urban Oy has won with the proposal ”Kaarna” the competition for the business site conveyance of a cultural river ferry by the River Aura near Myllysilta Bridge. The City Development Department of the City Board decided on the results of the competition at its meeting on Monday, 4 March.

by Töölö Urban Oy

The competition was organised on the basis of the general principles approved by the City Board for the use of the River Aura and its riversides and on the basis of the competition programme approved by the City Development Department. The target of the competition was to find an architecturally high-quality and feasible plan.

The competition for the business site conveyance got five proposals by the deadline. The second position in the competition was given to Töölö Urban’s proposal “Kiila” and the third position to workgroup Konsta Weber, Rami Eräpohja, Heikki Kyllönen, Artturi Elovirta ja Esa Jämsä with proposal “Uusi Aalto”. No other positions were selected.

The winner was selected on qualitative grounds. A comprehensive solution which is innovative, architecturally of high quality, feasible and environmentally suitable was emphasised in the competition. The main focus was in the adaptation of the construction to the scenery and in the interesting business idea. In the evaluation the merits of the comprehensive solution were considered more important than the accuracy of details.

The winning proposal comprises a floating platform which is 120 m long and 20 m wide. The functional culture spa contains three swimming pools: a 25-metre pool, a smaller pool for children and a river water pool. Additionally, it is possible to build smaller hot water pools. The construction design includes sauna and dressing rooms open for the public and rooms to be reserved for personal use. A restaurant and terrace facilities and multi-purpose event space are located at the end of the building on the city centre side.

by Töölö Urban Oy

According to the evaluation group, the architecture of proposal “Kaarna” is versatile, recognisable and individual. The floating construction is located in a natural way in the cityscape by the riverside of the River Aura. The proposal offers in various ways new different possibilities for activities both indoors and outdoors and it widely takes account of different age and target groups and year-round activities. The proposal offers an opportunity to experience the city from a new point of view, gives a better feel of the dimensions of the city including its river, thus expanding the experience of the city.

A change in the city plan is made on the basis of the proposal and the area will be leased to the actor of the business site. In the further negotiations and when drawing up the actual city plan, recommendations for further work which concerns the exact location of the floating construction and its connection to the riverside wall and its structures, Myllysilta Bridge and the River Aura, will be taken into account. The thing to be considered is the coordination of the traffic and the activities of the proposal with the traffic, the activities and the other recognised development plans of the riverside and the river.

The aim is to approve the lease of the site within a year after the city plan has come into effect.

The evaluation group consisted of Director of Environmental Division Christina Hovi, Director of Recreation Division Minna Sartes, Director of Property Management Division Jouko Turto, Land Use Director Jyrki Lappi, City Planning Manager Paula Keskikastari, Architect Mika Rajala, Land Use Engineer Essi Korpela and Harbour Master Antti Pekanheimo. The evaluation group consulted the following experts: Visit Turku, Urban Landscape Group of the Urban Environment Division, City Development Group of the Central Administration, Museum Services of the Recreation Division and personnel of the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art.

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