Promoters of equality will again be rewarded with the Year’s New Citizen of Turku and Multicultural Act acknowledgements. Persons with immigrant backgrounds and entities which have promoted multiculturalism in the region of Turku with their activities can be nominated candidates for these awards.

Who? Which group?

The Year’s New Citizen of Turku and the Multicultural Act can be suggested until 31 March 2019.

City residents can suggest candidates for the awards and bring out good acts to the jury’s knowledge by the end of March. Anyone can make a suggestion on the website of the City of Turku at

The New Citizen of Turku is a title given to a person living in the Turku region who has an immigrant background and promotes integration in everyday life. The Multicultural Act is an award given to a person, company, association or other type of community acting for multiculturalism.

- We work actively towards integration, but the attitudinal environment is in a key role. That is why it is important to bring forward immigrants who truly act as role models. It is the responsibility of all of us to build a Turku where everyone can be involved and live a good, safe everyday life, says Chair of Multicultural Council Muhis Azizi.

Last year the person selected as the New Citizen of Turku was an active influencer in organisational activity and a refugee instructor in the refugee reception centre Ali Sagal, who has significantly helped young people to integrate in Finland. The Multicultural Act award was given to Nuorten TyöTuki ry where immigrants and Finns learn new skills, work together and help young people in difficult situations to be employed.

The Multicultural Council of Turku selects the acknowledgement receivers on the basis of suggestions made by Turku residents. The Council hopes to receive a wide range of suggestions but emphasises that candidates must have appropriate backgrounds. The acknowledgements will be handed at the celebration for new citizens in May.