Vimmahdus is an experience-based side event for those participating in YOUTH2019 youth work event. Vimmahdus takes place on 27 March from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. There you can put your hands into clay and be youthful.

Other services at Vimma

  • Kafé Vimma on ground floor is open 15–19 pm. You can enjoy sweet and salty pastries, different refreshments, sweets and snacks. It is a popular café among young people and the prices are very affordable.
  • You can leave your outerwear at the cloackroom.

YOUTH2019 @ Logomo

The programme at Vimma – a house of art and activities for the youth – presents in a practical way the work done by the Youth Services of the City of Turku.

The support for sustainable well-being is part of the city strategy of Turku, and this theme is also shown at Vimmahdus in many ways. For example, the aim has been to replace paper brochures by more ecological solutions.

Cooperation with youth organisations is an important part of the Youth Services of Turku, and its significance will increase in future. The organisations are also visible in the programme of Vimmahdus. The entry into this side event is free of charge when you have registered as a participant in the event at Logomo.

Vimmahdus gives an opportunity for networking with the actors in the field of youth work and for learning from one another.


Vimma’s pottery wheel and textile printing workshops

The products of the workshops will be put together into a collective statue. At the textile workshop you can remodel a lasting souvenir, an ecological Turku bag, the unique look of which you decide yourself.

The handicraft workshops at Vimma are popular with the youth in Turku. The cultural youth work develops the expressive abilities of a young person, creates cultural and mental support structures and gives collective experiences of success. The workshops are part of the Youth Services of the City of Turku.

The challenge spot of Turku Game Academy

At the challenge spot of Turku Game Academy you will get to know the activities and the players of TGA and to test your own skills with the Overwatch game.

Turku Game Academy (TGA) belongs to the goal-oriented electronic sport activity organised by the Youth Services of the City of Turku. The aim of TGA is to promote the healthy playing manners of young people interested in competitive playing and to support their progress in competitions.

Test your grip strength!

Test your grip strength at MIHI exercise spot.

“Mihi” exercise classes are meant for youth aged 13-19 years. There are tens of free exercise classes of different sports every week in the following municipalities: Kaarina, Lieto, Masku, Mynämäki, Naantali, Nousiainen, Paimio, Raisio, Rusko, Sauvo and Turku. 

KAAMOS exhibition

”Kaamos” or a polar night is a winter period
when the sun does not rise above the horizon.
“Kaamos” is also a state of mind."

The youth of the Fendari’s communication workshop made a journey to Inari in October 2018. You can get into the atmosphere by visiting the KAAMOS exhibition and soundscape created by the youth.

In youth workshop Fendari there are seven workshops meant for unemployed young people aged under 29: metalwork, woodwork, painting, manual skills, communication, logistics and start workshops. In addition to meaningful activities, Fendari offers support to life management and help with plans for the future of a young person. Fendari operates in the Youth Services of Turku.

Escape horror room

From second floor you will find escape horror room production. The game is only in Finnish but the room is open between game sessions for visitors and the youth workes are happy to share in English their experiences from making of the production together with the youth they coach. 

The youth of Fendari’s workshops will build a horrifying and skilfully designed escape room. Do you dare come? Can you escape from the workshop of toy shop X’s doll maker?

Lounge on the top floor

You can take a pause in the lounge on the top floor. The students of the Turku Vocational Institute will conjure quick hairstyles and quick makeups and varnish nails. As students’ projects there are also vegan snacks and mocktails on offer.

Check your emotional charge

At the spots of Vamos, the Crisis Centre of Turku and Linkki activities you can concentrate on dreaming and well-being. You will collect dreams to the mind map of well-being, recognize the stress hiding in your body and be absorbed in emotional skills.

Condom driving licence

At the Red Cross spot you can get to know the condom driving licence. It is a method which aims to start a conversation with a young person about sex, sexuality and contraception.

Hobby horse track of the Wild West

Find your inner Tex Willer and gallop to the Wild West hobby horse spot of the 4-H Club! Test the challenging obstacle course in the Wild West’s gear with proper music.

Wild food with different senses

Get to know the world of food and wild herbs at a 4-H food grower’s spot. Do different sense practices with wild herbs and spices. Can you identify them all?

Gender Adventure Track

The Seta (LGBTI Rights in Finland) of the Turku Region brings a gender adventure track to Vimmahdus. The track is part of “Belongs to all” trans law campaign by Seta and Trasek (a Finnish association for transgender and intersex rights). The adventure track shows the everyday life of a person in the gender reassignment process and the different aspects of the trans law.

Try folk dance

Dancers aged 12-18 years of Turun Kansantanssin Ystävät (Turku Folklore Association) take visitors along to whirl around. In addition to dancing, the visitors can get to know the Finnish national costume tradition, lace-making and ribbon-making, which are closely connected with the folk dance hobby.

The goal of Turun Kansantanssin Ystävät is to activate young people and increase their well-being.

Spoken Word Library – European Solidarity Corps (ESC)

Have a chat in spoken word library with ESC volunteers located in Turku about their project, experience and staying in Finland.

Photo wall of Turku

Whatever the weather, greetings succeed with photos of the beautiful riverside scenery of Turku.