The Rock Academy operational model, invented by the City of Turku’s Youth Services, sparks interest across Finland. It is now possible to test the operational model in new cities thanks to the significant grant from the Ministry of Education and Culture. A total of 587 000€ was awarded for the years 2019-2020.

Thanks to the funding, the band training begins as a new form of youth work in Rovaniemi, Kemi, Raahe, Kuopio and Kouvola. With the previous funding during 2014-2016 the operational model was tested in Tampere, Jyväskylä, Joensuu, Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Rauma.

– In Turku, Rock Academy has had its own annual budget since 2017. The received funding has no effect on that, says the executive director for the Turku Rock Academy, Tomi Arvas.

In each city, the local youth services are in charge of the operations. Turku Rock Academy trains the city personnel involved in the project and supports them at all stages of the project. The new cities have been preparing for the project for over two and a half years.

– The multi-occupational, national cooperation network offers excellent framework for spreading the model across the country, says Arvas.

The bands are chosen into the Rock Academy for two years at a time. In training, the young band members get multifaceted guidance in all things related to the music industry. Most of the time is spent in studio with the producer.

– The possibility to receive continuous, professional feedback has traditionally been lacking for the young bands. The development of the bands in the Rock Academy has been remarkable, Arvas tells.

Rock Academy –activities have been carried out at the City of Turku’s Youth Services since 2011.