The opening of the widely known funicular in Turku takes place on Friday 24 May. The opening is a part of the River Harbour Festival, which is a yearly opening event of the summertime in Turku.

Funicular in Turku

The funicular complements the means of transport beginning with letter f in Turku. Near the funicular on the River Aura there is a 100-year-old city ferry called Föri, the funicular can be reached by city bike Fölläri and by regional public transport Föli bus no. 1 on its route between the harbour and the airport.

The funicular running to Kakolanmäki hill is the latest landmark and tourist attraction in Turku. The funicular had a lot of media exposure in February when witty posts about its illustrations spread in the social media and from there to the traditional media and even abroad.

At the opening on 24 May the funicular will be inaugurated by Elina Rantanen, Chair of the City Council of Turku. The city will give a small souvenir to passengers on the maiden trip. The detailed programme of the opening will be published in May. The media will have an opportunity to visit the funicular on a day of the opening week.

The regulatory inspections of the equipment are underway

Inspecta has carried out the safety inspection this week. At the same time the Building Control of Turku has made a commissioning inspection in the station buildings of the funicular according to the building licence conditions. The funicular has not yet got a permit for commissioning but both the inspections have been approved with a condition that the equipment and the stations will be in working order when the rest of defects have been repaired.

Funicular on a trial run.

The final commissioning approval will be applied for in April. Finishing work will still be done at the stations and in the rail area during April. Work at the stations and in the surroundings will be completed so that the operation of the equipment needs no interruptions later because of unfinished work.

In the regulatory inspections, attention has been paid to the safe use and maintenance of the equipment. In the lift safety inspection, small defects have appeared and they must be repaired before the final commissioning. Repairs will be done in connection with the finishing work and the trial runs in April. The funicular is a kind of cable railway which is, however, exceptionally classified as equipment according to the lift standard. The observance of the lift standard makes it possible, for example, to use unmanned equipment.

The funicular can be seen moving on its rails already in April when the empty cabin is on a trial run for about a week to ensure the reliability of operation.

The funicular is an unhampered vehicle to Kakolanmäki

The funicular offers unimpeded access to the Kakolanmäki hill where there is no other public transport. The funicular will run between Linnankatu and Graniittilinnankatu at Linnankatu 55b. Travelling on the funicular will be free of charge and it will serve passengers from 04:00 a.m. to 01:30 am.

The funicular has a lower station and a top station at both of which you can get on or off. The stations and the rail surroundings have been designed by Architect Pekka Vapaavuori, Leitner’s subconsultant responsible for architectural design and principal design, from Arkkitehtitoimisto Vapaavuori Oy.

- The station buildings considerably differ from each other. The lower station at the level of Linnankatu blends into the Kakolanmäki hillside, whereas the top station at Graniittilinnankatu stretches towards the hillside like a light pavilion, says Pekka Vapaavuori.

The construction of the funicular started in March 2018 and its total cost is EUR 5.6 million. The equipment has been delivered by Austrian Leitner Gmbh and the main contractor of the stations has been Kuntec Oy.

The top station of the funicular starts to take shape.