The annual opening ceremony of the River Harbour, the River Harbour Festival, which will be organized already for the 9th time, will launch the marine summer of happenings of the City of Turku between the 23rd and the 26th of May 2019. Most of the 60 happenings of the long weekend are free of charge.

Extracts of the Programme of the River Harbour Festival:

23.5. 5:00 pm−8:00 pm, Pax Navis event at the Ruissalo shipyard
24.5. at 2:00 pm, the Inauguration Ceremony of the Funikular on the Kakolanmäki hill
24.−25.5. Friday, 9:00 am−3:00 pm and Saturday, 10:00 am−4:00 pm, Sleep easy, a special event in the field of comprehensive security, organized at the Varvintori square
25.5. 11:00 am−4:30 pm, a series of concerts of the event Jokisatama soi! on the stage of Suomen Joutsen
26.5. 11:00 am−3:00 pm, the children’s event, Capitan Rubber Duck’s Fun Day, on Forum Marinum’s field
26.5. 3:00 pm−6:00 pm, a series of three concerts of the Turku Brass and Wind Band Festival at the stage of Suomen Joutsen

Please check the whole programme of the event:

- This is one of those weekends, when you should go to the river shore of the River Aura with the whole family. You can participate in walking tours, stop to listen to the music at the stage of Suomen Joutsen or to visit the children’s new maritime museum Tyrskynmyrsky in the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre, advises Eevi Rannikko, the Executive Producer of the event.

On the first day of the River Harbour Festival, Pax Navis event at the Ruissalo shipyard will begin the recreational boating season. The Declaration of Seafaring Peace will be announced in the event. It reminds of the compliance of the rules while traveling by boat or walking, hiking or cycling in the archipelago.

The programme of the classical music festival organized by the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, TPO at the Ruissalo shipyard! will also be heard in the River Harbour Festival. You can do yoga at the Ruissalo shipyard accompanied by classical music or you can enjoy listening to the combination of spring instruments and electronic music at the Westin Hall of the Ruissalo shipyard.

The Programme of the Event Extends from the Inauguration Ceremony of the Funicular to a Comprehensive Security Event

Turku residents can do history when their own Funicular will be inaugurated. The Inaugurating Ceremony will be organized starting at 2 pm on the Kakolanmäki hill on Friday.

There will be a special event in the field of comprehensive security, Sleep easy, organized on Friday and Saturday at the Varvintori square. Among other attractions, there will be shooting simulator games, a rolling car as well as car crash and rescue dog shows.

Get into the Summer Spirit at the River Harbour

Concerts of the event, Jokisatama soi! with a changing programme will enter the stage of Suomen Joutsen on Saturday. As a special attraction, Sweden’s biggest ukulele orchestra, Tobbes Ukuleleorkester, which consists of more than 40 players, will be playing there.

Children’s event, Capitan Rubber Duck’s Fun Day, will be organized on Forum Marinum’s field on Sunday. More than 30 activities will keep the children busy. They can stroke alpacas, ride on hobby horses and pedal cars, and pet the therapy dogs of the veterinary station Taikatassut Oy.

City of Turku together with local cooperation partners is responsible for organizing the River Harbour Festival.

The Föli bus line 1 will operate more frequently from Friday to Sunday, and you can also access the event conveniently by bike or on foot. The Föli water bus will start operating on the 20th of May 2019.

The Föli water bus at the Ruissalo. Photo: Susse Määttänen