Finland’s first talent contest, Talent Call Turku, received more than 1,000 applications from 75 different countries. Five of the applicants will receive an invitation to Turku to familiarize with the employers of the region, and to get to know the everyday life in Turku in August accompanied with their families.
International top professionals are interested in the work and career opportunities in Finland and in the Turku region. The application time of the Talent Call Turku ended on Tuesday, 21 May 2019. The talent contest, Talent Call Turku, got highly educated professionals interested of a trip to Finland to get acquainted with Turku.
- The number of applications exceeded all our expectations. We received 1,011 applications from more than 75 different countries. Most of the applications came from Asia. We received a large amount of applications from Singapore, almost 100. There were also applications from the United States and from different parts of South America. Also, European candidates got interested in the talent contest, says Liaison Manager Pipa Turvanen in Turku Science Park Ltd, responsible for attracting international top professionals to Turku region.
The competition of experienced coders, engineers and other top professionals in the technology fields is hard around the world. As far as we know, Talent Call Turku is the first talent contest directed to the whole family of the target group. There have been campaigns targeted to individual programmers organized at least in New Zealand, the Netherlands and Estonia.
We will need new professionals to ensure the continuation of the economic growth also in the Turku region in the next few years. The search for the Talent Call Turku, organized by Turku Science Park Ltd, the City of Turku and Business Finland has now shown that several top professionals would be interested in coming to Finland.
- We have all the prerequisites to succeed in the global competition for international top professionals. That’s why it is now important for the companies that the new government will unblock the bottlenecks in permit processes. With good reason, universities also demand streamlining of permit issues, Turvanen emphasizes.
The original goal was to get 500 applications from all over the world. The core target group of the talent contest was technical experts with their families. We achieved well in reaching them because about three from the five applicants are specialists in the technical field. 
- We are searching for those specialists that our companies cannot find in the Finnish labour market, Turvanen continues. 
All the applications will be gone through and the winners of the talent contest will be chosen during the first weeks in June.