Turku offers city culture events and happenings to all tastes in June. Turku Airshow is the special event of the month, and a new festival called Kesärauha will also take place in June. Furthermore, the new season of the summer theatres will also be lauched.

Events in Turku in June 2019:

2.6. The Turku Music Festival / Head Start Concert: Händel: Agrippina
6.-8.6. Urban Art Festival - Olohuone 306,4 km²
7.-8.6. Finnish Schlager Music Festival Iskelmäkesä
8.-9.6. Children’s Rock Festival Seikkisrock
14.-16.6. Music Festival Kesärauha + Lisärauha
14.-16.6. New Potato Festival
15.-16.6. Turku Airshow 2019
15.6. Aurajoen Wauhtiajot
15.6. K50-expo Turku
8.-11.6. Paavo Nurmi Games
14.6.-4.8. Merikeskus Pop-Up exposition
27.-30.6. The Medieval Market
until 20.6. the exhibition of Jacob Hashimoto: The Infinite Curve

The Exhibitions of the Kunsthalle Turku

The Biggest Summer Theatres in the Turku Region:

Turku Open Air Theatre on the Vartiovuori stage: Robin Hood
Samppalinna Summer Theatre: Freaky Friday
Linnateatteri at the Ruissalo shipyard: Akselin ja Elinan hääfarssi
Emma Teatteri: Heideken

More Events in the Turku Region:

Finnish Schlager music festival Iskelmäkesä launches the season of music events by bringing Laura Voutilainen and Eppu Normaali, among others, to the Varvintori square. Children’s own rock festival Seikkisrock will get the public raise their hands up in Seikkailupuisto in the Kupittaa park.

The Paavo Nurmi Festival starts the sports happenings with an event for the whole family, Paavo’s Sports Day, continues by Paavo Nurmi Junior Games, and culminates with the Paavo Nurmi Games on 11 June 2019. Furthermore, the Paavo Nurmi Marathon will also be organized in August.

A Weekend Full of Happenings 14.−16.6.2019

There will be several interesting events happening at the same time during the weekend 14.−16.6.2019. Turku Airshow 2019 will be organized at Turku Airport to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Finnish Aeronautical Association. This will be the most important happening of the year in the aviation field.

A new music festival, Kesärauha, will be held in the historical area at the Old Great Square. There will be mahogany classic motor boats riding along the River Aura in the Aurajoen Wauhtiajot. The unique virgin potatoes from the archipelago can be tasted on the courtyard of the Brewery Restaurant Koulu where delicious dishes are prepared by different restaurants at the New Potato Festival.

Turku City Theatre will be the venue for the K50-expo Turku which is targeted for those who are more than 50 years old. You can learn about interesting happenings and useful services in the region of Turku, as well as participate in lotteries.

Turku Is Blooming as a European City of Culture

The Medieval Market. Photo: Samu Valleala

Let the urban public art festival, Olohuone 306,4 km², surprise you in various locations in the city centre. The festival encourages you to participate in doing art and gives you an opportunity to see your living environment through different eyes.

The summer theatres will start their season in June. They offer this year the play Robin Hood in the Turku Open Air Theatre on the Vartiovuori stage, the musical Freaky Friday in the Samppalinna Summer Theatre, and the farce Akselin ja Elinan hääfarssi produced by Linnateatteri, in a new arena at Ruissalo shipyard. You will understand what it means to be a Turku resident when you see the comedy called Heideken played in the Emma Theatre.

The Medieval Market is the Finland’s largest ancient and medieval event. It is the favorite summer event that takes this year its visitors to an unforgettable trip to the year 1400. You can experience the medieval market and its special atmosphere in the authentic surrounding at the Old Great Square.

You can think over the maritime future of Turku in a pop-up exposition organized in the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre. The visitors of the exposition are asked to share their visions of the future maritime centre in Turku. The Exposition gives its visitors some glimpses of the future maritime centre.

Kunsthalle Turku at the Old Great Square offers temporary expositions, and it is always worthwhile a visit. Nearby there is an art gallery Makasiini Contemporary where you can also drop in to admire Jacob Hashimoto’s (USA, NY) new pieces of art.

The Turku Music Festival treats the friends of the Baroque opera with international top-quality production by presenting Händel’s Agrippina in the Head Start Concert.