As part of the celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th anniversary, the Government of India has gifted 150 oak trees to the City of Turku. This year marks 150 years since Mahatma Gandhi’s birth.

The trees were donated and some of them planted at an event held in Artukainen, Turku, on Wednesday 5 June. During the ceremony, both Ambassador of India Vani Rao and Chairman of the Turku City Board Lauri Kattelus planted their own trees in the area. In addition, the members of the Indian community planted approx. 50 tree saplings on the same occasion.

The tree donation and planting coincided with the World Environment Day on 5 June and is part of the efforts to address the issue of climate change.

A memorial stone with a metal plate commemoriating the donation was also revealed at the event. The text ”150 oak trees gifted to the City of Turku by Government of India on 5 June 2019 for 150th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi” is engraved on the plate. 

-The Government of India has decided on a number of actions through which it is spreading internationally the message of peace and non-violence for which Gandhi lived and worked. In Finland, we decided on donating trees to the City of Turku, which we think suits well the theme of the anniversary, says Ambassador Vani Rao

-We hope that the area of the memorial trees will in future years become a peaceful green island for the active use of the residents of Turku.

A total of 400 new trees will be planted in the area. The trees will be other deciduous tree species than oak trees, so the area will become a locally significant recreational area in the coming years.

-It was easy to agree to the proposal of the Government of India and Indian Embassy, as planting trees fits in well with the measures with which the City of Turku strives to meet the ambitious climate goals that have been set, says the Chairman of the City Board Lauri Kattelus.

The oak trees donated by India as well as the other trees have been planted in Artukainen, on the west bank of Raisio river and north side of Messukenttäkatu.