The City of Turku is co-organizing a hackathon event, which is an official side event for SHIFT Business Festival. During the competition, the participating teams are trying to find solutions to prevent social exclusion, with the help of 5G network. The competition is organized together with Elisa.

Participate in the competition

The teams can register in the competition 16.7-18.8.2019 through a Lyyti-link.

The winner receives 10.000 euros.

The jury has representatives from Elisa, the City of Turku and from a start-up company.

More information: Tarja Vuorinen

The City of Turku is co-organizing together with Elisa a hackathon competition, as an official side event for SHIFT. For the City of Turku, it is important that its inhabitants are feeling well. The prevention of social exclusion is one of the city’s strategic goals and one of Smart and Wise Turku -project’s focal points.

“5G offers new services and practical implementations that can improve the lives and fluency of the inhabitants. Through the experiments, we want to find out what kind of implementations it would take to get started”, Jussi Vira, the Strategy and Development Director at the City of Turku, comments on the participation in the hackathon.

The City of Turku has begun a three-year long 5G partnership together with Elisa. Elisa’s 5G network in Turku, grew as the largest 5G network in the Nordics during this spring. Turku’s and Elisa’s 5G plans are connected straight to Smart and Wise Turku spearhead project’s focalpoints, such as traffic, movement and prevention of social exclusion. The first experiments have already been decided. Hackathon allows us to show how the 5G network can be used for the Turku’s inhabitants, for instance, to prevent social exclusion.

”SHIFT supports Elisa’s goal to offer companies new types of technologies. With the help of technologies their business can be increased. This year’s theme, artificial intelligence, has already boosted many everyday routines, but there is even more potential. Here the role of start-up companies as a developer of new innovations is emphasized, and Elisa wants to support this type of activity. The hackathon gives an equal opportunity for everybody to participate in the brainstorming and present their own talents on the subject”, says Elisa’s Western Finland’s regional director Juha Laukkanen.

SHIFT is a two-days international business event, which is now organized for the fourth time. This year SHIFT’s theme is Shapeshifting Intelligence. The event is held in Turku, at the Ruissalo Shipyear 20-30.8. More information about SHIFT on the website