Various sports events will turn Turku into a sports arena for amateurs and professional athletes in August. The public can follow triathlon, marathon and cycling races even near the downtown. In addition, the Finnish Championships in padel and adult athletics will spice up the August.

Both amateur sportsmen and top athletes can participate in the sports events organised. All levels are represented from children to professional athletes. Events are free of charge for the public. It is good to take the special traffic arrangements into consideration during the events.

The Adult Athletics Finnish Championships 9.−11.8.19

The Adult Athletics Finnish Championships will be arranged according to age categories. Up to thousand athletes will participate in the competitions held at the Paavo Nurmi Stadium.

Adult athletics is about fitness and competitive sports for those who are more than 30 years old. The oldest athletes are more than hundred years old. The age groups in the competitions are divided into five-year sections. For some, competing is a means to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay fit while for others, it means being at the top. In any case, what is important is to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, and to be encouraged.

Outdoor courts of PadelPark Kupittaa and Harjattula. Photo: Suomen padelliitto

The Finnish Championships in Padel 9.−11.8.19

Padel is still a quite unknown racquet sport in Finland. The public will have an opportunity to get familiar with this game during the Finnish Championships which will be played on the outdoor courts of PadelPark Kupittaa and Harjattula (on Kakskerta island).

Padel combines some elements of tennis and squash but it can still be distinguished from those two games. Players from very different levels can play padel together because it is possible to succeed best in the game if you have the right technique and a good vision of the game. According to the rules, Padel shall always be played in doubles but it is also possible to play the game one-on-one.

You can also get to know padel later in August when the National Championships are held in Turku between the 23rd and the 25th of August.

Challenge Turku Triathlon Races 10.–11.8.19

Challenge Turku. Photo:

Challenge Turku is a triathlon race that is organised for the fifth time starting with the Junior, Sprint and Challenge for all competitions held on Saturday, the 10th of August. The Half Distance race is held on Sunday, the 11th of August. Hundreds of competitors will take part in various series of the race.

The swimming event takes place in the River Aura. It gives the public excellent possibilities to follow the race conveniently along the river banks. The public can also follow the running and cycling events near downtown. The Challenge Turku is characterised by the special atmosphere created by the public encouraging the athletes, and the central location of the courses.

Challenge Turku is part of the international Challenge Family events in which competitions are organised in various locations around the world.

Turun Tuomiopäivä – Functional Training Competition 16.−17.8.19

The thrilling and captivating functional training competition, Turun Tuomiopäivä, will be organized in beautiful event environment: on the upper field of the Sport Park Urheilupuisto and at the Samppalinna Swimming Stadium. The physical capacities of the participants will be tested in multiple ways during the competition without forgetting the element of surprise.

All the different sports disciplines of the event have been planned by the Finnish CrossFit star Jonne Koski who will also be present in the competitions. Both men and women will have their own categories in the competition with a maximum number of 40 participants in each of them.

Paavo Nurmi Marathon. Photo: Joonas Salo

Paavo Nurmi Marathon 17.8.19

Thousands of runners will conquer the centre of Turku and the Ruissalo island on the 28th Paavo Nurmi Marathon organized on Saturday, the 17th of August. Paavo Nurmi Marathon is one of Finland’s largest and most international running events which attracts participants from more than 20 countries. The starting point of the marathon is in front of the Turku City Theatre. Three distances will be proposed: the full marathon of 42 kilometres, a half-marathon of 21 kilometres and a ten-kilometre race.

Paavo Nurmi Marathon also supports children’s sports. There will be various sports activities including a minimarathon with two alternative courses available for the kids. The children’s course going around the statue of Paavo Nurmi suits best for the youngest because it is only 700 meters long. The one going around the banks of the river Aura will be 1,2 kilometres long and it also offers a beautiful scenery. The inscription can be done in advance or on the spot.

Turku Touring – Cycling Tour 18.8.19

The largest cycling event in Southwest Finland gathers cyclists of all ages, regardless of their level. The race will start in front of the Educarium building of the University of Turku. The track will pass by the centre of Turku and continue to the neighbouring cities. Whole family can attend the event. The races will not be timed so it is possible to participate either as a competitor or just to enjoy the scenery and the sports.

The long distances include 250, 120 and 60 kilometers. The children’s cycling event, Nalle MiniTour, will take place on the pedestrian roads surrounding the University of Turku. One lap will be 600 meters long, and the number of laps can be chosen freely during the event.

Turku Touring cykelevenemang. Photo: Pasi Relanto