All Turku residents under the age of 25 are eligible to get free contraception starting from Monday, the 2nd of December 2019. Booking an appointment for the health care units offering free contraception starts the same day.

Free contraception available listed by location as of the 2nd of December 2019:

Contraception Clinic

  • all the persons under 25 years of age

Pediatric Outpatient Clinic

  • all the persons under 18 years of age

Student Health Care

  • the students of the upper secondary education and of the University of Applied Sciences

School Health Care

  • the pupils of the primary school
  • Only guidance and counselling. Beginning and follow-up of the free contraception at the Pediatric Outpatient Clinic or at the Contraceptive Clinic.

Health Counselling for Injection Drug Users at Milli

  • the clients of Milli, regardless of age (contraceptive coil or capsule)

Free contraception provided by the City of Turku:

  • birth control pills, rings or patches for one year when applying for the first contraception
  • contraceptive coil or capsule (also applies to clients of substance abuse treatment, regardless of age, and in the cases when the person wants to start using contraception within 3 months of abortion)
  • condoms are available to everyone under the age of 25, regardless of gender

When a person under 25 years of age begins birth control for the first time, she can receive a hormonal contraceptive product (pill, patch or ring) free of charge for a total of 12 months, at most until the age of 25.

If the person chooses a contraceptive measure for a long term (hormonal or copper coil or contraceptive capsule), she will get it free of charge, regardless of whether she has had any previous contraception.

If the person chooses a contraceptive coil or a capsule for her first contraception, she will no longer receive birth control pills for free. Condoms are available at the preventive health clinics of the City of Turku.

Counselling on the sexual health and on the contraceptive method also forms an integral part of the activity.

We get prepared for the growing number of customers for example by moving the Contraception Clinic to larger premises and by hiring new staff.

Appointments for getting free contraception can be reserved as of 2 December. You cannot reserve appointments for December in advance.