Transporting and raising the Christmas tree of Turku Cathedral is much more complicated than putting up the Christmas tree at home. If you are lucky, you can follow this well-planned happening on the spot. This year, the event takes place on the 27th of November from noon to 2 p.m.

The special guest will arrive with a special transport and the time of the arrival depends on several details. Steamy hot glogg will be served for the people waiting for the fir tree in the front of the Turku Cathedral, and the waiting will be rewarded by the arrival of the most important fir tree of the nation.

There are some special requirements set for the Christmas tree of Turku Cathedral. Search for a suitable fir tree goes on around the year. The ideal Christmas tree should measure at least 22 meters, and it should be beautiful. If these criteria are met, it is still necessary to make sure that the tree grows in a place where it can be retrieved by crane on a track. The transportation and the raising of the fir tree is a challenging task which will be carried out by the experienced team of Kuntec, a local group taking care of the infrastructure and the maintenance services.

The lights on the Christmas Tree of Turku Cathedral will be lit on Saturday, the 30th of November at 4 p.m. on occasion of the Great Christmas Opening.

The Christmas Tree of Turku Cathedral has long traditions. The first tree lit by electric lights was brought in the front of Turku Cathedral as early as in 1900, and the regular tradition of the Christmas Tree of Turku Cathedral began in the 1930s. Since 1955, accurate notes have been taken about the Christmas trees of Turku Cathedral showing, among other things, the strategic dimensions of the fir tree and its donors.