Due to the strike of JHL it is advised to prepare packed lunch for the day care centres, comprehensive schools, upper secondary schools and for some of the vocational institutes in the City of Turku from the 27th to the 29th of November.

Last update: Nov 27th, 5 pm.

The Effects of the Strike of JHL on the Activities of the Education Division of the City of Turku on the 27th of November

The strike of JHL between the 27th and the 29th of November will affect various activities of the Education Division of the City of Turku. There are limited activities in the day care centres. It has been advised to prepare packed lunch for the schools and the day care centres.

The opening hours have been limited in a considerable way in the units of the early childhood education. Some of the units have been closed and the activities have been centralized in the main unit. We are sorry that all the children could not be admitted in the day care centres in the morning because of the educator-to-child-ratio stipulated in the law. Consequently, many families have arranged the childcare in alternative ways.

The parks, clubs and open day care centres have very limited activities. Only a couple of units are open. Part of the morning and afternoon clubs maintained by the City of Turku are closed.

As far as the comprehensive education is concerned, the small classes of Luolavuori School have been completely closed.

We have informed the families about the exceptional arrangements.

Complementary Snacks will be Provided if Necessary

We will provide complementary snacks in case it will be needed for the schools and the day care centres like during the previous strike. We try to limit the amount of wastage, so the snacks provided by the schools and day care centres will be transferred from one unit to another if necessary. We have got prepared for this strike with more solid snacks. The meals for the scheduled day care centres have been delivered as usual.

The meals for the Uudenmaantie and Aninkainen units of the Turku Vocational Institute will be served as usual by Palmia Oy while the other service providers are on strike.

The exam week of the upper secondary schools ends today, and the normal schoolwork will continue for the rest of the week. As far as the upper secondary schools are concerned, the school meals will be compensated by packed lunch also for the rest of the week.

The strike will also have effects on Föli buses: www.foli.fi/en/strike

Limitations in the Operations of the Day Care Centres and some Schools

We can take children in the day care centres or in the morning and afternoon clubs in order of arrival according to the personnel present in the units. The parents/guardians of the children should get prepared to the fact that the day care centres limit their opening hours and they take children according to the ratio stipulated in the law. The Education Division of the City of Turku suggests that the families who can arrange the childcare in another way would not bring their children to the day care centres during the strike. The day care payment will be compensated for the days of absence.

School assistants will be absent

A considerable number of school assistants will be absent. The mall classes of Luolavuori School have been suspended during the strike. The school will inform the parents/guardians of the pupils immediately about the matter.

Prepare Packed Lunch Along with the Children Again

We have provided snacks for the day care centres, comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools but it is unsecure if they will be served. Compared to the previous strike, there will be more supportive strikes this time, and part of the trade unions have instructed their members not to do the work of the other work groups even in exceptional circumstances. The administrative staff of Arkea go to the schools and day care centres to help in putting the packed lunch at display but unfortunately there is not enough administrative staff for all the schools and the day care centres. If needed, the schools and the day care centres can complement their provisions in packed lunch.

The packed lunch allocated by the City of Turku and the service provider is available in the day care centres, comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools. The selection of snacks has been updated since the last strike. The following special diets have been considered in the snacks: milk-free, lactose-free, egg-free, pork-free and gluten-free, as well as lacto-ovo-vegetarian and vegan diets. However, the parents are asked to prepare packed lunch for the children and the pupils. It should be possible to store the food at the room temperature as refrigerated storage space will not be available. Neither will it be possible to heat the meals. Only small children can be equipped with food which needs to be heated. The baby food jar can be heated according to the instructions on the package in the pause facilities of the staff of the day care centre. We recommend that you do not provide anything particularly perishable as packed lunch. Please note that the snacks should also be labelled. Avoid providing strongly allergenic ingredients (f. e. nuts) as snacks.

During the strike, it is advised that the children and the pupils eat a bit more than normal before the day in the day care centre or at the school. Since a warm meal will be replaced by a snack, please consider that the children and the young people are surely hungrier in the evening than usual.

We have provided disposable tableware for the units of the early childhood education. However, given the exceptional nature of the situation, the parents should consider that the lunch boxes are used also for eating. In addition, it is advised to name the lunch box of the child to avoid confusion.

As far as the normal day care is concerned, the breakfast, the lunch and the snack will be replaced by the packed lunch brought from home or snacks served in the day care centre. This arrangement does not concern the evening care or round-the clock-care. The meal services of the round-the-clock-care centres (the complete unit) will be handled normally by the staff of Arkea who is working also during the strike.

As far as the vocational education is concerned, it will not be possible to have lunch in the units of Kellonsoittajankatu Street and Peltola Campus of the Turku Vocational Institute. However, it has been agreed with the training leaders that snacks will be served. The snacks will be available in the refectories where Arkea is the service provider. In the units of Kuormakatu Street, Juhannuskukkula Hill and Lemminkäisenkatu Street there will be snacks served in case the strike will extend to the meal service personnel of Turku Vocational Institute where the Turku Vocational Institute is the service provider .The service provider of the schools of Uudenmaantie and Aninkainen will check out the situation, and we will inform about the arrangement when we have clarified the situation concerning the two units (where the service provider is Palmia).

The strike will have a considerable impact in the food deliveries. Consequently, there will be changes in the menus both before and after the strike. The service provider will inform each unit about the changes in the menus.