Local bands from the Turku area have again a chance to showcase their talent and get feedback from the music industry professionals at the Turku Bandstand. In addition, 3-4 bands will be offered a chance to join the Turku Rock Academy. Signing up period for the event will run from 9th December 2019 until 12th January 2020. First fifteen bands to enroll will be admitted to the showcase.

Additional information:

Executive director Tomi Arvas, tel. 050 554 6118
Executive producer Mark Bertényi, tel. 040 147 3750

Turku Bandstand is organized by the Turku Rock Academy and the Youth Services at the City of Turku. The event is organized this year for the 24th time. All bands that are from inside the Salo-Forssa-Laitila-Turku area are eligible to enroll. ¾ of the band members must be under 29 years old.

Turku Bandstand was renewed last year and is nowadays focused on feedback instead of a previous competition model. First round of the now three-phased-event will be hosted at the end of January (23.-24.1. and 29.-30.1.2020). All bands will perform two songs of their own production and industry professionals will give feedback for each band at the end of the evening. Audience is welcome to listen in on both the performances and the feedback sessions.

The second round will take place in May 2020 and the bands will perform the same songs as in January. The professionals will evaluate how the band has evolved and the previous feedback session has been utilized. New feedback and pointers will be given out if needed. If the bands wish, there will be a chance for a third feedback session next fall.

– 3-4 bands from the event will be picked to join the Turku Rock Academy. The bands will receive guidance and support totally free for two years from a national network of music industry professionals. The training will include plenty of studio time, music production, promotional pictures, publications and gigs, tells the Executive Director Tomi Arvas.

Long tradition behind the revamped event

Turku Bandstand has existed as a competition for 22 years. In 2019, the Bandstand concept was renewed and instead of a competition the event now focuses on giving feedback for the local youth bands. During the years more than a thousand bands have taken part to the event.

– Since the event is no longer a competition, the bands are not ranked in anyway. Turku Rock Academy will however again offer a place at the Academy for 3-4 bands. It’s also possible to get more gigs, even at the summer festivals. If a band is performing well, it is not impossible that they might get a festival slot already next summer – this is made possible by the Turku Rock Academy’s wide affiliate network, tells Turku Rock Academy’s Executive Producer Mark Bertényi, who is also one of the experts giving feedback for the bands.

The original idea behind the Turku Rock Academy was to use the same operational model as in Junior sports where the youth are coached with a firm sense of direction and by giving feedback regularly. The revamped Bandstand builds on the same idea and strives for the same goal-directed improvement as in sports.

– Most of the participants have surely received a lot: feedback, new audience, experience from performing and new friends, says Arvas.

This year feedback is given to the participants at the Turku Bandstand by Ilari Hongisto from Turku Conservatory, Samy Elbanna from the band Lost Society and Mark Bertenyi from the Turku Rock Academy. The supportive feedback is aimed at furthering the bands’ development and is given in front of the audience.